January 17, 2016

Bring your Favorite Regional Foods to Share POTLUCK at #NipClub Jan. 21st, 2015

I don't think it's a secret that one of the things that motivates our "inner beast" is FOOD! So this week at #NipClub we're asking you to bring your favorite local/regional specialty foods to share with everyone else. We'll provide our famous #NipClub beverage service to help wash it all down. So let's have fun and share some local food history with your pals. 

If you need help whipping up that special dish, or if you need some special "chefs" apparel, or perhaps a "#NipClub Bib" just ask @RealFakeGator and his staff at #NipClub Outfitters. And of course, your natural fur, fins, feathers, skin are always welcome at #NipClub. 

And if you aren't a great chef, or just don't have time to bring a special dish, DO NOT WORRY ONE BIT, we'll have PLENTY of food, so just show up and eat!! 

Our DJs will spin great tunes, in case you can still waddle to the dance floor, and our barktenders will have a big supply of  alka-seltzer and soothing ice cream drinks to settle your tummy.

To get things started, @TheNascarKitty shows off his local/regional favorites. What will you bring from your area? We can't wait to taste it.
Chef @TheNascarKitty is proud to be from Wisconsin (also the home of pals @RealFakeGator, @MarioDaCat, @4Catstrapski and more). He's brought some specialties including: Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese, Bratwurst, Hamburgers (Wisconsin city SEYMOUR is the origin of the hamburger sandwich) Ice Cream Sundaes (Invented in Two Rivers, Wisconsin), the Friday night Fish Fry, Cream Puffs, Pasty's (Beef, potatoes and Rutabaga in a pastry crust). Wisconsin is the world leader in CHEESE production and Milk Production, and most famous of all are those delicious Wisconsin CHEESE CURDS. You can fry 'em if you want, but we love them fresh, and squeaky. Last but not least, made right in Beaver Dam, WI (at the plant where Tiger Tommy's human works) is world famous PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE. A Wisconsin specialty and world favorite since 1923. 

@wallasEkatt sits down for an Aussie favorite….vegemite

@CinniMini2 says yes please to CheeseSteak

@dogstoyevsky is ready with fish and chips

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