September 11, 2016

SPACE PIRATE Pawty at #NipClub Sept. 15th, 2016

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Space, the final was just a matter of time before pirates realized the opportunity to plunder more booty. And, of course, the naughty...err, I mean "adventurous" anipals at #NipClub were among the, the final frontier........ 

This week features both "Talk Like A Pirate Day" and th e50th Anniversary of STAR TREK. Coincidentally, two ruthless pirates have expanded their territories into space, soon to be followed by a whiley Pirate Smuggler Queen, and an Inebriated Pawty Pirate Captain.  So, with 4 ships sailing the skies of the universe, it should be quite an interesting week. 

Klingon speak Translator HERE
Pirate Speak Translator HERE

Kitty Pirate photo piratekat_1.gif

 The Queen of Patron.  To own ALL the tequila in the universe, and to create mayhem while finding it. 

The Manifest of teh Black Paw HERE

Captain @OwenTheTonk and First Mate @Kittehboi  of the BLACK PAW. These pirates have a bigger goal. To control EVERYTHING! Wine, Wenches, Money, Nip, Booze, they want it all!

Media preview
The Lady Pearl. The fastest ship in the universe.

Capt. @TinyPearlCat and her ship The Lady Pearl. The fastest ship in the universe. Don't let Pearl's pretty face fool you. She's a tough pirate and Catnip Smuggler. If you want nip, you go to Pearl. She controls the Universal Supply of Nip. And you don't mess with her without regretting it.  

Media preview

Captain @WinstonTabby  of the ship Three Sheets To The Wind has one goal. To pawty in every corner of the universe. He really doesn't care much about "pirating", but if you try to take his Rum, he will go on the defensive. 

Space Pirates



Each ship will need a full crew! So make sure to contact the Captain of your choice and get a crew assignment. If you need help with apparel, contact @RealFakeGator or @MeisRoxyThePug so  #NipClub Outfitters can get to work. 

space photo tumblr_lpe0wcATfh1r0m245o1_400_large.gif

Drinks and Noms

As usual, our Barktenders will be making the finest drinks and noms and TELEPORTING them to you on your ships, and our DJs will be broadcasting the best music over the airwaves. 

Pirate cake from @flashjumpingjak 

Pirate photo pirate12.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at German Shepherd Dog Rescue Of Georgia 
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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