November 29, 2016

Where in the World are YOU? Pawty at #NipClub Dec. 1, 2016

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#NipClub is worldwide. And although it seems we're all in the same spot, we are really from widely varied spots of the world. Different Cultures, different people and animals, hugely different climates. Different cuisine. And we bring all that together each week with a common urge to help animals while having a LOT of fun. 

So this week, we'll have a simple little theme at our pawty. We'd love to know where you're from, what climate is, what the traditional foods and customs are, your favorite landmarks. 

If you want a special avatar please let @RealFakeGator know so #NipClub Outfitters can get to work on it. Suggestions: Famous Landmarks, sports mascots, local foods, local flags. Be creative. 

Of course, some of you don't want to share your location for personal reasons, and that's fine. Share your "dream location" or just come as yourself and learn about others areas of the planet. 

During the pawty, pals are encouraged to hand out local foods and drinks, share pictures of local landmarks and customs. Brag up your area. 

I'll get the ball rolling:

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Hi, I'm @TheNascarKitty (Tiger Tommy) and although I now live at #RainbowBridge with my darling @DCKitty, I come from a city in Wisconsin (USA) called Fond du Lac. 

Fond du Lac is famous for Lake Winnebago, the United States largest freshwater lake located within a state. It's about 25 miles long and 20 miles wide. Our very name means "Foot of the Lake". We are also famous for the invention of the "typewriter". Of course on a wider scale, Wisconsin is famous for COWS (Dairy Cows). We are America's Dairyland. The best CHEESE in the world comes from here. We are also known for the Milwaukee Brewers and Bucks, UW Madison Badgers, and, of course, the GREEN BAY PACKERS and HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycles. Not to mention MILLER BEER. As for food, nearly all of it revolves around cheese in some way or another. Come here for the Cheese, Bratwurst and Beer, Fish Fry's and  stay for the beautiful rural scenery. 
Related image
Beautiful Rural Farmland

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Amazing wilderness for hunting, fishing, camping

Image result for milwaukee skyline
Beautiful Modern Cities

Every Friday is Fish Fry night in Wisconsin!! 
Wisconsin is also famous for musicians including: Liberace, Bunny Berigan, Steve Miller, The BoDeans, The Violent Femmes, Cheap Trick, Garbage, and many more.

Now, put on your thinking caps, and this week at the pawty, follow my example (if you wish) and share your home experiences with us. Perhaps we'll even compile them onto a blog in the future. #NipClub is worldwide! Let's prove it! 

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 Drinks and Noms

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Dash Kitten said...

We live in New Zealand, known as the Land of the Long White Cloud. It's an awesome place (except in Spring which is terrible). we have a peaceful country unlike some, so feel ourselves blessed in our good fortune. New ealand is the home of the rubgy playing All Blacks, some fine rowers and good people!

LadyGreyFox said...

I, the Earl and 4CatTweets hail from So Cal, in a little area known as the Antelope Valley. It's located in what's called the High Desert so we get weather extremes: Summer can be over 100 degrees F and Winters in the low teens. Heck, we even get snow because we're at the 3,000-foot level.
We're unofficially known as the "Aerospace capital of the US" and the So. Cal home of many defense contractors. [whispers] And if you're really lucky, you can see interesting things flying through the air, but those could just be planes flying out of Edwards AFB. [puts on tinfoil hat] We're home to the Jethawks baseball team, the San Andreas fault line, the California Poppy Preserve, the Black Bird Air Park [we took MiniBreeze there], the Devils Punchbowl geological formation and Charlie Brown Farms and their really tasty date shakes.
Sadly, we no longer have any actual antelopes running free across the valley, but we've got a cool graphics that adorn the mall.