February 19, 2017

#NipClub Mardi Gras Krewes Kruise February 23rd, 2017

Huge thank you to everyone that donated, volunteered and attended #Nipclub to help out our February Charity. Everyone rocked it!! Thank you.

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Since #NipClub is the premiere twitter pawty event, you know we'd be crazy to miss Mardi Gras, America's Premiere Pawty. 

This year we will once again, invade New Orleans to show them how to really pawty. #NipClub will have 3 KREWES to pawty with, join one, or two, or all three, just be sure to be there.

If you need a special outfit please hurry and ask @RealFakeGator so he can get his crew at #NipClubOutfitters working on it for you!!! 

And now, meet our 3 Krewe Kings:

King @Kittehboi will have host the most "Naughty" Krewe. You never know
what to expect from Breeze, but you will NEVER be bored!!

King @OwenTheTonk will host the traditional New Orleans Krewe.
They pawty as hard as anybody, but stick to traditions and accuracy. 

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King @RealFakeGator will host the newest Krewe. Sure, he's from Wisconsin, but you know
that NOBODY can out-pawty the midwest. Land of Beer, Cheese, and excessive pawtying.

Contact the "King" of your choice to be added to the roster, and don't be afraid to pawty with more than one Krewe. #NipClub plans to really show New Orleans how to pawty. 

@TheNascarKitty pilots our Mobile-Mardi Gras-Pawty Bar Float through the parade. Jump about the #NipClub Krewes Kruiser and have some fun. Do you recognize some of the #NipClub originals riding with us? 

Drinks and Noms

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Grab a KING CAKE, and if you find the Baby-Gator in your piece you will have
extra blessings all year long!!! (Don't eat Gator). 

 Shots! Shots! Shots!

Mardi Meowgarita

Mardi Coffee

Crayfish Broil 

Mardi Burger

Purple Pepperoni Pizza

Squash Salad


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Every penny helps! Thanks!
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