April 8, 2017

3rd Annual #NipClub Silly Hat Pawty April 13th, 2017

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It's Easter time.  And we're ready for it. This week at #NipClub we will have a fun Easter Pawty Featuring our own take on the traditional Easter Bonnet.  We're going to have a SILLY HAT Pawty!!! So wear your goofiest hat if you wish, and we'll see who can be the silliest. 

If you need help, @RealFakeGator and his staff at #NipClub Outfitters will be glad to help. And, of course if you don't like hats, you are always welcome at #NipClub in your own natural fur. 

Of course, since this is #NipClub we'll have the best music, the most awesome drinks, and a great buffet of Easter Treats. Don't miss this pawty!! 

Easter Bonnet photo purpkit2.gif



@WinstonTabby has vowed to leave his Leprechaun hat on until
he sobers up from his St. Patty's Day bender. We may never, ever
see his ears again. MOL. 

@TinyPearlCat, already decorated her fur for Easter,
and then her Ma put a Chicken Hat on her because
they are now successful Egg Farmers. 

"When Pigs Fly" famous last words of @TheNascarKitty...
usually when dealing with requests from @lucky_GSD for "use" of the #NipClub building.
(He usually loses in the long run". )

 @georgetheduck hopes to answer the question
Which came 1st, the duck or the duck hat?

@Meow-Girls Tippy and Penny

@katiebella2 and @Mariodacat

Easter Treats

SpecialDeliveryJustForYouBasketSparkle photo SpecialDeliveryJustForYouBasketSpar.gif

Reminder to #Nipclub patrons….
No nomming the barktenders!

@Kittehboi Subdues a Large Chocolate Bunny
who was later melted down to make dessert.
Easter Eggs! (eat them as they are or in our special
Easter Egg Salad, served on Nip Croissants!! 
Chocolate Bunnies

Peeps cookies

Ham and Roast Beef Combo Sandwiches 
Beef Wellington
CosMEOWpolitans with Peeps Garnish. 

Happy Easter photo HappyEaster-1.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Bend Spay and Neuter Project
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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Mariodacat said...

Oh this will be such fun. Thanks for the picture - now we won't have to do one up. Love it and so will Katie.

Mr. Breeze said...

Lookin good Mario! Are you and Katie "an item"?