September 5, 2017

70's Dinner Pawty Sept 7 2017

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Retro-1970s Dinner Pawty at #NipClub Sept. 7, 2017

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Ah, the was.....well....mostly bad, clothing was colorful and usually ridiculous, formica in olive green and mustard yellow ruled the kitchens, and the food.....well.....refer to "Music" above.....some was terrific....some was terrifically  terribly terrifying. 

And what wouldn't we give to just go back there for a night. Because now that it's gone, we realized we had it pretty good. 

So this week, with the help of #NipClub Pawty Planner @LadyGreyFox we bring back the dinner pawty of the 70s. 

All your favorite ( and not-so favorite) foods, 70s music, and fun. As only #NipClub can do it. 

@ScoobydaDog @MeisRoxyThePug @CinniMini2 @Slinky_The_Cat
enjoy some 70's food while sitting on our plush velvet sofa

 Drinks and Noms
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Spaghetti-O Jello Mold

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Seafood Mousse from "Deal-a-Meal"

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Meatloaf...stuffed with eggs, wrapped in bacon.....

Shepard's Igloo pie

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I don't know if this is a salad, an entree, but it's got smoked fish and fruit....

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OK,this at least makes sense...dipping your favorite foods in cheese, chocolate and
other yummy sauces. Fondue is kind of a "fon DON'T" these days.....not tonight though.

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