November 12, 2017

#NipClub's Blues Fest 2017 November 16. 2017

The nights are getting longer, the days are getting shorter, the air is getting colder, and if that doesn't give you "the blues", well you're a better cat than me. But what better way to beat the blues than to embrace them with some soulful blues music and some down home great comfort food!

Join our terrific #NipClub DJs for a night of the blues. Come as you are, or dress up, it's all OK with us!!

And don't forget next week is our terrific #NipClub THANKSGIVING FEAST  with open bar and free jukebox!! We'll give our staff the choice of having the night off or coming to run their shifts, but either way the door will be open, the food will keep coming, and if there's no barktender or DJ, the bar is open and the jukebox is free! 

And the Thursday AFTER Thanksgiving we'll have our long awaited FAVORITE MOVIE PAWTY. So start thinking of what movie character you'd like to be, and give @RealFakeGator or @MizzBassie a tweet soon. It's only 2 1/2 weeks away!!  

BLUES is a uniquely American music form, with multiple origins, It has it's roots in the muddy bottoms of Lousiana, the smoky bars of Chicago, the backwoods shacks of the deep south, and blues capitols like Memphis, Austin, even the jazz lounges of Las Vegas. It has a lot of forms, some rooted in jazz, some rooted in Black Spiritual music, a little country, a little rock, even bayou zydeco music, to be sure it has  a lot of swagger with plenty of rhythm. Sometimes it's as simple as an acoustic guitar and a mournful voice, sometimes it's as elaborate as a huge horn section jaming with guitars and vocals, but one thing it is...UNIQUE to America in it's origin. By now the rest of the world has embraced it. And it's grown to something that everybody can find a style they like.

So this week at #NipClub's Music Appreciation Night, we will jam with the best blues artists of many different genres.

@3phibotticelli & @doggymolly have the
"Why Can't Every Day be Thursday" blues.
@kittehboi may be out of noms, 
but we'll never run of of noms at #nipclub

 photo Music_notes_animated_zps1bcd4eb7.gif

Drinks and Noms

Jack 'n' Cokes ON THE HOUSE all night!!

#NipClub's Grill will stay hot all night with fresh meats served
buffet style to everyone! FREE!!!
Chicken Jambalaya for the New Orleans Blues fans!!

SOUL FOOD PLATE!! St. Louis Ribs, Red Beans & Rice, Turnip
Greens, Macaroni & Cheese!!

Southern Rock/Country/Blues fans will love this Tex-Mex
Calzone, filled with Roasted Pork, Peppers, Onion, Cilantro and
served with Black Bean Pico De Gallo

 photo Rain-2_zps827a1f4e.gif
@TheNascarKitty lays down some blues for you!!

Plenty of cake! 


Huge giant thank you to everyone that donated to the #nipclub charity!
Also to a huge thank you to everyonethat volunteered and attended!

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Every penny helps! Thanks!
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