DCkitty's Cosmeowpolitain

PepiSmartdog's Diamond drink

@JinJinDoggy Serving

Blue Dreams
 by Pumpkinpuddy for Ryker-Tyker and Inigo

Rudy's Red Tropical Drink

Scully's Frozen Tuna Meowgaritia

Mulder's Blue Moon Meowgarita*
Neon Blue Curacao, Bright Orange Cointreau, Everclear
 and NIP, served in Erlenmeyer Flask with spaceship straw.
 The everclear helps sterilize the flask. 

Served with complimentary order of:

Mulder's Pawsome  Pumpkin and Pasta with Luna Tuna 
Soulistic* Luna Tuna dinner in
 Pumpkin Soup with Lo Mein Noodles
and garden vegetables
By @TheNascarKitty
Petie's Red Rager Meal Includes:
Spicy Tunarita with Nip Garnish,
Finest Tuna Steak with fish bisquits, and cupcake

@HanktheDoggy's Bacon Beer
photo by @Shibbering Cheetos

Iced Cheri Boba Tea with a Bacon Muffin @EdnaatNutro

Bunny Jean Cook's Latte' comes with Lavender
buns and Deep Fried Carrot Chips

@KokotheTurtle hard at work stuffin olives



Chef Tiger Tommy's Special Lamb Chops
Served with Mint Jelly, and extra napkins.
By @TheNascarKitty

Suzie's Salmon Steak with nip noodles



If you would like a special drink or nom made in memory of your pal, please contact @TinyPearlCat