December 1, 2010

#NipClub Party for @HollieCatRocks Update!!!

We have packed up all the #NipClub gear, put it on semi's and hauled it to beautiful Vancouver, BC so that @HollieCatRocks pawty would be near her family. It was no small feat to move it, but Hollie is so important to us that it was really what we wanted to do!!
Here's a photo of TinyPearlCat backing the final semi load ofHanks Bacon Beer up to the hall we rented. Don't worry, we have more than one semi full MOL.

We are also honoring a special anipal who's parents need help with vet bills. @ChrisGroove1 has been a huge comfort to a lot of anipals and unfortunate events have left his animal family in need of a little help. Please go to the widgetbox over to the right side of the blog and show some love in honor of Hollie.

We will also have quizzes during the 7 to 9 o'clock hours. @MaggieTKat will quiz you for a chance to win prizes donated by @Smokey8, @MaggieTKat, @SeattleP and @TheNascarKitty.

Watch for club Proprieter/Streaker/Playboy @KingTuttiFruiti to be strolling around the club passing out NipCigars, Flirting and being his own debonair self. Of course I'll be there spreading cheer as well. @HollieCatRocks is one of the most important friends I have and I wouldn't miss this for the world!!!

A lot of fun things are going to go one this evening. We start with Happy Hours at 4pm EST. Your early shift crew of @UsThreeCoons, @Dogstoyevsky & @ShaynaCat as DJ's as well as @UsThreeCoons and @MeisRoxyThePug barktending will keep you happy and Nipped.

At 7pm @BunnyJeanCook comes on as DJ while @GeorgeTheDuck Barktends. Then at 8pm @CathyKeisha takes over the DJ booth while @MarioDaCat serves food and drinks.

About 8:50 the #BadBoyzOfTwitter and the #PinkLadies Motorcycle club will have a motorcade leading the feature entertainment #TheShibberingCheetos to #NipClub. At 9:00 After @CathyKeisha and @MarioDaCat welcome them to the stage @TheShibberingC's will rock the house in honor of @HollieCatRocks!!!!!!!

While the Shibbering Cheetos are playing @Meow_Girls & @_Bill_The_Cat will barktend. Then at 10 our Bar Manager and BlogMaster @TinyPearlCat will take over the bar.

Don't worry either, after the ShibberingCheetos are done we have one more huge entertainment event!! Starting at 10 pm DJ Mr. Breeze aka @Kittehboi and DJ Hot Doggy @AutumnTheDoxie and DJ Tiger Tommy (@TheNascarKitty) will have an epic 3 way DJ battle until they cant battle any longer!!!!

Throughout the evening we hope you'll share your photos, memories and love of @HollieCatRocks with all of us. She is one in a billion. The very heart of twitter anipals and we Love her.

TheNascarKitty Club Manager.


HollieCatRocks said...

OMC!! Tiger, I am speechless! You are one of the most important friends i do has! we cant wait! xoxoxoxo

Mariodacat said...

Should be a blast and I'm so happy we could do it for sweet Hollie too. Hollie likes to have a good time and that's what we'll do tomorrow nite.