November 26, 2010

Huge Pawty for HollieCatRocks

The very heart and soul of twitter has passed to Rainbow Bridge, but in her own words it's "Not Goodbye, but See you later".

Very few of us can say we haven't been touched by Hollie. She was always one of the first to congratulate, console, hug, support, and reach out to all the Anipals. It almost seemed she never slept, because when you needed her she was there.

Personally, Hollie helped my Darling @DCKitty and her Mum & Dad, and myself get through the grieving for Dominique and learn to cherish and embrace the memories and joys we shared. When I passed to #RainbowBridge Hollie was right there comforting and supporting, and giving kind words to my family.

This was something that happened every day. We all took it for granted that when we were in need Hollie would help us feel better.

She sat daily with @TheRustCat as he was in his last months before crossing to #RB, and was there non-stop for @PetieTheCat when he was sick, and on and on. Hollie was just there.

The love story between Hollie and @SamTheCatRocks helped anipals realize that RainbowBridge is not the end, but a new beginning. Their wedding, and recent reception were huge events. Hollie is larger than life, and there is no doubt she'll be a huge asset to #RainbowBridge.

This Thursday, DEC. 2nd, 2010 #NipClub is dedicated to HollieCatRocks. We'd like this to be the biggest, most over-the-top pawty ever on twitter for our beloved Hollie.

Events are still being planned, but let's pull out all the stops for Hollie, Sam, and the Wee ones.

I'll make updates as we book entertainment etc..................

This Just In!!! The Shibbering Cheetos will perform a concert for Hollie at 9 pm EST at #NipClub!!!!! They will feature songs about "hawt girls". MattieDog says Hollie is his sweet, caring, kind friend, and an unbelievable anipal.


Special Charity for Hollies Pawty We have chosen to help @ChrisGroove1's family. They have always been their for the anipal community and have had some financial hard times. In honor of Hollie please consider a donation to their cause. We have a widget on the right hand side of the tab that will let you make a secure donation. THANK YOU!!!!

@TheNascarKitty ----Club Manager


Shayna said...

Very shocked and sad to hear the news of Hollie, but glad she's with her beloved Sam.

We have to make Thursday as special as we can in her honor - hope #BadBoyzOfTwitter and #PinkAngels will be there!

Hugs to all of Hollie's family and her many, many friends. xxxx

Anonymous said...

What an amazing honor for me Tiger, @SamTheCatRocks +I love you and @dckitty so muches! So as i say not goodbye, see you later. xoxoxoxox TY

Mariodacat said...

It warms my heart to know dat we are doing dis for Hollie. he he - besides, maybe she'll come to visit den too.

Brian said...

That is so wonderful, HollieCatWillAlwaysRock!

TheNascarKitty said...

It is my goal to make this the biggest, most over-the-top #NipClub event EVER in honor of our lovely @HollieCatRocks.

Anonymous said...

OMC Tiger i am meowless!! This is beyond words that you do this for me! It is such an honor for me!!! xoxoxo #nipclub

mario, shayna and brian you guys rock!!! Hugs! xoxxo

Honeybell said...

Paws to heart, we will be ready to rock! We love our @HollieCatRocks! no sads allowed, only a celebration of our dear friend! maybe little honks; but we drink and have nip and share with friends! "That's what friends are for!" :)

Anonymous said...

MOL. Paws to heart! HoneyBell we will rock and no sads only party time. WOT did you say thats what friends are for weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahhaha love you all. nip and drinks and no sponsors allowed. XO