April 20, 2011

#Nipclub Out of This World Techno-Alien Bash April 21

Your #NipClub Management staff prepare to
protect you from Aliens!! (clockwise from top right)
@TheNascarKitty @ShaynaCat @KingTuttiFruiti
@MarioDaCat & @TinyPearlCat)

Are you a techno-file? Does everything aboutyou involve something electrical, ipods, computers, smart phones, gaming systems, tvs, stereos, ray guns, phasers, light sabers....ummmm oops...Wait....THAT went on a strange tangent.....Well, this Thursday at #NipClub we are being invaded by ALIEN cats!!!! @MogFleetCommand is coming to probe our.....ummm...well I HOPE our brains......and see if we are technologically advanced enough to be on their level!!!!

So SAVE THE EARTH and come in your best outerspace outfit and make sure to bring plenty of high-tech gadgets to show off with!!!! (Of course, since Earth Twitter Anipals are already the top of the "brain chain" here on earth, it's OK to come in your own fur too!!!

In the middle of the night our alien friends @MogFleetCommand teleported into #nipclub to add some fancy interior design for the Out of this world Techno-Alien Bash

A new pool table for the Game Room

Out of this world alien noms and drinks.

mulder x files drink

Mulder's Flask drink
Twitpiclink for tweetin http://www.twitpic.com/3oebce


Lizards with Shayna's Nip or bacon cheese glaze.

universe punk drink

Cathy kiesha's outer space Punk Rock drink

The Ack Ack Ack-Ack-Ack Mars Attacks! Made with Martian Melon and Venutian Ales.  From @Flick47's Cookie Cafe

Planet Rylos Cookies

Nom on some space cookies with out of this world flavor.
By Flicka47



Mariodacat said...

Woohoo - looks like a lot of fun. I is working on my costume now.

Bad Andy said...

PAWSOME! oooh, I gotte get crackin' on an outfit! *rummaging through boxes, throwing things out left & right* CRASH oOP! *stumbling over the mess*

Mariodacat said...

Easy does it Andy - you don't want to brak a paw for nipclub tonight. he he