April 7, 2011

Thursday April 7th, 2011, #NipClub Lounge!

Hi Everyone, I'm sure some of you are still a little hung-over from the HUGE #Nascar Pawty that you threw for ME!! But we are gonna rock it out a second night in a row!!! 

NipClub lounge is back. Just a nice bar where you can relax, have a few drinks, great noms, dance, and visit. 

I want to thank ALL of you for the turnout for the #Nascar pawty, it means so much to me. I have to tell you that without my staff I couldn't do any of this. They are all a huge help, but of course @TinyPearlCat (Bar Manager-Computer genius) @MarioDaCat (Head Barktender-PR specialist) and @ShaynaCat (Head DJ & pr specialist) spend as much time and effort as I do. @UsCoons (After-hours/Happy Hour Manager) even works weekends & off nights often!

Each and every single #NipClub employee is an integral part of this great club. I thank you all!

#NipClub's comfortable lounge, nice couches, dancefloor, pure comfort! Enjoy!


Bad Andy said...

Oh crap! I missed it! I'm such a goofball! I ASSumed (made one of myself) the Nascar pawty was going to be the theme for #nipclub on Thursday. I'm so sorry! Dang! I made some Nascar pix, too.

I'm super glad you're going to have Nascar for #nipclub - I won't mess up this time! See you tomorrow!

Aimee said...

See you all in the lounge!