February 15, 2012

Mardi Gras at #NipClub Feb. 16th, 2012

You may have heard of a decadent little pawty they throw in New Orleans every year? Mardi Gras I believe they call it? Well, sure, they dress scandelously, show some skin for beads and drink themselves into comas on the streets, but to me it looks like they are "light-wieghts" so this year #NipClub is invading Mardi Gras to show them how to really pawty!! 

What is Mardi Gras? That's a great question..I really dont know myself, but if you CLICK HERE you will find info on Mardi Gras

Part of the fun of Mardi Gras is dressing up! If you cant make a costume, #NipClub Outfitters has a LOT of Mardi Gras costumes available. Please contact @RealFakeGator to get one, but as usual you are alway welcome in your own natural fur.

@3PhiBotticelli pawties down for Mardi Gras
@PandaFur rides her horse in the Mardi Gras Parade

@Kittehboi dances on the #NipClub float!

@RealFakeGator showing one of his best costumes.
Contact him if you want a Mardi Gras costume!
@cats_meows Marie is #NipClub's Krewe Queen

@OwenTheTonk is King of the #NipClub krewe

@AutumnTheDoxie & @KingTuttiFruiti entertain the crowd, trying to
earn some highly coveted beads
@chazzthedog and @pepperpom


@PepperPom @NoCryBabyDogs Daffy & @DuchessCrabtree
got a little out of control. MOL

@Spanielopolis and pals
@HartzPets has a float in our parade too!

@IAmRustyCat tosses beads to the girls

@OwenTheTonk is helping @TheNascarKitty with  the noms menu this week

@TheNascarKitty got some good "Nawlins" Cooking tips
from Emeril. The menu rocks this week!

King Cake (whoever gets the slice with the baby @RealFakeGator
gets special prizes and priveledges for the day)
WHAT IS a King Cake? (click here )
101 Layer Lasagna!!!!

Fresh Beignets with Chickory Coffee

Crawfish Boil

Shrimp Etoufee

Creole Chicken with Okra

Fried Chicken with green pepper corn & Smothered Potatoes

Nip CornBread


Shrimp Po'Boy

Red Beans & Rice with Collard Greens

Wagu Beef Steak with Seasoned Cheese Fries


AdoptedMomToChazz said...

Mardi Gras lukking Awesome & NOmmy...thanks for all the effort so pals haf wigglin, shakin, gud time at pawties!!!!!!!!!!!!!


RumpyDog! said...

Throw me sumpin' Mistah!

Prudence said...

oh my! Muffaletta sandwiches too! Can't wait! Barooo!