February 11, 2012

Valentines Nite at #NipClub at ATLANTIS in the Bahamas

@TheNascarKitty & @DCKitty, the
darlings of Twitter.
My Darling, @DCKitty (Dominique) and I invite you to join us at Atlantis Resort in the beautiful Bahamas on Valentines Day. Whether you come as a couple to enjoy the romantic beauty, or as a single looking for love, or just come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the fun activities with your pals.

We'll have it all, romantic dining and dancing, fun activitiesl ike parasailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, cuddling on the beach, shopping. Dominique and I have been there all week trying it out for you, we guarantee a fun time. So come celebrate love, celebrate each other, or just come to have fun. We'd love to see you there!~~~ @TheNascarKitty

Atlantis Bahahmas, site of our pawty!

@IndulgedFurries Raven tubes through the Aquarium Water Ride

@CathyKeisha &@TinyPearlCat swim with dolphins
@MarioDaCat, @AutumnTheDoxie and @HollieCatRocks
enjoy a meal at the great Underwater Cafe.

LOVE comes in many forms. Of course the most important LOVE is between parent and child. But we also love our family, our friends, a special person we wish to spend our live with, but ALL LOVE has a basis in FRIENDSHIP! Here at #NipClub we always celebrate Friendship. So even if you dont have a "date" to our Valentines Pawty, your friends who love you are here. :D

#NipClub has seen many of our pals find love recently. We've had to pleasure of catering and providing music for many of their weddings and engagement pawties. Our very own Hostesses @HollieCAtRocks & @DanaPixie are among twitter elite wedding and event planners, and also among the sweetest ladies on twitter. So I've asked them to write an article about the love our pals have found:

A word from @HollieCatRocks and @DanaPixie:


#Nipclub is such a unique and speshul place, a place where you can let your fur down and be yourself. This is a place where you never know what's going to happen. A place full of good surprises and most of all a place where you may find loves! ' We have had many anipal friends that have found love at nipclub and on twitter, some have gone on to be married ....

@SadlovelyHeart (Cookie) and @CatGoddessAthena

@ThatStripeyCat and @Wildboutbirds

@Petiethecat and @Pandafur

@Cats_meows and @MewMewMurphy

More couples!

@GracieLuShihTzu and @LouieTheShihTzu


@Katiepops_L and @Erniethepug

@SadieTime333 and @DearClyde

@Jackchidoggy and @Millymopmoo

@Admiralhestorb and @catrulers

@Winstontabby and @crybabrkbit

@hergracethecat and @pepeblackcat

@MorrisonChloe and @chester_da_pug

@Morriscat and @TinyPearlCat

@SamtheCatRocks and @HollieCatRocks

 More Couples below...

 You can have a look at our work herehttp://anipalweddings.blogspot.com/p/weddings.html?spref=tw
Others have found love and married as well such as @Bonniethewestie and @jackmcwestie, @Heytoe and @jokerturtle. Love is wonderful.
I feel a very speshul mention  be made to those who are in love but not yet married, @spike_cat and @cassiemeows, @pepperpom and @chazthedog, @Lexidogweather and @DakotaBdog, LilyLuWhoT and ToughTeddyBear, my nephew TigerBoyTheCat and lilly_the_torti., my wonferful nephew @KingTuttiFruit and @JessieJaney who reminds me what a new love is like.

@KingTuttiFruiti and @JessieJaney
@TheNascarKitty and @DCKitty
Last but not least two of my best friends who are the “darlings of twitter” @Dckitty and the @TheNascarKitty who taught me that being OTRB is not the end it is only the beginning, their love story is an inspiration to me and to all who know them. Love lives within our hearts, our souls and is with us forever.

HollieCatRocks and DanaPixie -Hostesses Of #Nipclub

valentines glitter Pictures, Images and Photos

@lilytorti is and @tigerboythecat

@chrisgroove1 and Penny of @Blindcatrescue

@arthurpugs and @Poppypuggy

@Lilyluwhot and @toughteddybear

@ChazzTheDog and @PepperPom snuggle at Atlantis!!

2 great pics of @Frankencat11 and @Tattlecat

@Mr_Pie and Lily of @Cooperscats
@MarioDaCat is coming stag to the pawty, but he will be smooching
every lady who let's him. MOL

Valentine Nomms

Flaming Hot Love Bacon or Nip Drinks

Heart Shaped Bacon Wrapped Steak

Heart Pot Pie
You can have it made with chicken, Salmon, Roses and Spinach, Banana or Raisins

Heart Shaped Pizza with Heart Shaped Pupperoni

Heart Shaped Sushi

Raisin Pie


Flaming Hot Love Cupcake

For more info and to donate directly click on this pic

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