April 22, 2012

#NipClub Marooned on Gilligan's Island! April 26th 2012

It started innocently enough...after a successful cruise on 
the new #NipTanic super cruiser, the anipals begged for another boat ride....

@KingTuttiFruiti aboard our new pawty yacht....why did I buy one
named the minnow? What the heck is wrong with me? MOL

Not being one to disappoint, @KingTuttiFruiti had me buy a pawty yacht complete with bar, grill & DJ'd tunes, and all the #NipClub pawty anipals were invited to climb on board for a scenic 3 hour tour of the ocean south of #NipClub's Miami Beach home.........

Skipper @KingTuttiFruiti, 1st Mate @MarioDaCat and #NipClub staffers @AutumnTheDoxie,
@CathyKeisha, @HollieCatRocks, and  @TinyPearlCat dock our new pawty yacht at Miami Beach
so all the #NipClub pawtiers can climb on board and set sail!! 
We set sail on a beautiful Thursday Morning...April 26th 2012...with a FULL crew of pawtiers!! With a GREAT crew!!

The mate was a mighty sailing man, 
The skipper brave and sure. 
a lot of Pawtying passengers set sail that day 
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.......


The weather started getting rough, 
The tiny ship was tossed, 
If not for the courage of the fearless crew 
The minnow would be lost, the minnow would be lost. 

Do you all see where this is heading!! OMC!! I am so Glad that I had all of you sign a waiver
so that you can't sue #NipClub when you are stranded on a desert Island!!!!

The ship set ground on the shore of this uncharted desert isle 
With Gilligan 
The Skipper too, 
lots of stranded #NipClub pawtiers, 
and our DJ/Bar staff too (priorities peeps!)
Here on Gilligans Isle. 

So this is the tale of the castways, 
They're here for a long, long time, 
They'll have to make the best of things, 
It's an uphill climb. 

The first mate and the Skipper too, 
Will do their very best, 
To make the others comfortable, 
In the tropic island nest. 

No phone, no lights no motor cars, 
Not a single luxury, 
Like Robinson Crusoe, 
As primative as can be. 
(Except for the whole ship full of food, drinks & a great stereo system,)

Oooops!!! Most of the castaways have gone ashore to forage, but
@ChazzTheDog and @PepperPom chose to frolic in the ocean awhile,
@HollieCatRocks and @TinyPearlCat shared a cocktail,@GeorgeTheDuck....well
Ducks love beaches, so he just played! and @KingTuttiFruiti as Captain, remained
with the ship until all the passengers were safe!!!!

What will our Castaways do? (Well, actually the first thing they did, was fire up the generators, and got the DJ's started playing tunes as they built a building...which...instead of being housing....ended up being....a BAR!!!! 

Yep, a  bar....shelter can wait!! There is Pawtying to get done!!!!

(we've got All the Isle favorites!!)
The Millionaire and his wife (Me and @DCKitty) The Movie Star (@DanaPixie)
Skipper (@KingTuttiFruiti) MaryAnne (Bea_Belle) The Professer
(@RealFakeGator), Gilligan (@MarioDaCat)



So what happens next? What will the stranded anipals discover?  What will they build? Will the find a way to have electricity? Will they find a new fruit to make into island moonshine? It's up to YOU pawty anipals to finish this story!!

Will they be invaded by Pirates...maybe even led by the evil Capt. Black Panther @KittehBoi? Will they be rescued by the passing #NipTanic? We'll have to see! 

Come to #NipClub Thursday April 26th in your favorite Gilligan's Isle costume...or as a native, pirate, or anybody you want to be! 

Of course your own fun is ALWAYS welcome at #NipClub.

If you need help with a costume #NipClub Outfitters is well stocked. @RealFakeGator will do his best to help...but Gator IS on vacation this week, so please also ask @DanaPixie or myself to help you too! 

~~~~~~@TheNascarKitty #NipClub Manager...and NOT the person to sue over being sunk on Gilligan's Island MOL

Molly Yorkie

Gilligan's Dream Drink
Recipe HERE

Mary Anne's Coconut Cream Pie
Recipe HERE

Thank you all so very much to those who helped, donated and was in attendance to help this the Bilbys.

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Email: info@wpsa.org.au
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Mariodacat said...

Woohoo this is going to be great fun.

IamRustyCat said...

Me iz too young to remember Gilligan's Island, but my Mom iz old, so she told me all about it! It gonna be pawsome!

shorty said...

mom used to watch Gilligans Island it will be fun reliving Gilliagans Island