April 15, 2012

CHEERS Night! PLUS April Birthdays and Gotcha Days Celebration

@flacatlady after a hard week at the office....ssshhhh!! She's "kinda" sleeping!.....

Whew!! #NipClub has been BUSY!!! Weddings, Engagements, Street Races, traveling to the far southern hemisphere, tons of pawties....and we love every minute of it...BUT this week, we'll take it easy, at our CHEERS bar, where everybody knows your name, and are always glad you came!!

to come to  #NipClub
@KingTuttiFruiti ~~~ proprietor

We will also celebrate your APRIL birthdays, anniversary's and Gotcha Days. Please send that info, with a picture (if you can) to @FlaCatLady so we can get them on the blog!!

Come on in, have a seat, a drink with friends, maybe some noms,
a little dancing, mingling...here at #NipClub CHEERS we
want you to be comfy and have fun!!~~~ @TheNascarKitty Manager

What'll ya have? Premium beer? Top shelf liquor? Noms, Nip?
Our servers will make sure you get the best service anywhere!
@Crybabrkit   and  @winstontabby make a toast
to all those with Birthdays or Gotcha Days in April

gotcha day glitter



Mariodacat said...

haha Flacatlady is a little indisposed - - errrr - passed out!!

AdoptedMomToChazz said...

Well, err does anybuddy noes Anipal to Hooman resuscitation? It sorta luk like FlaCatLady is more den indisposed. I sure she bee awrite by Fursday NipClub!!!:)

See pals on fursday for noms and dwinks and a wiggle or two!


Prudence said...

Mom knows that feeling! Barooo buddies, looking furward to #NipClub!

Bad Andy said...

YaY! I have an April birthday, so I'll be there! woooHOOOO

Bad Andy said...

WoWie wOwIE! You sure do know how to make some pawsome cakes! oh NOM NOM NOMMY NOM!