April 29, 2012

#NipClub POTLUCK May 3, 2012

Last week I hired contractors to expand my #NipClub commercial kitchen to accomodate @Flicka47's Flicka-da-Cookie Cafe and the 24 hour #NipClubMonthly pawties, as well as being ableto serve our weekly #NipClub guests and our catering customers the fine cuisine they have become accustomed to.

Needless to say, I've spared NO expense and this will be a kitchen Gordon Ramsey himself would lust after....BUT my construction crew WILL NOT have it done by Thursday May 2nd for #NipClub.

SO...because we need good noms to go with our top notch NIP and our great bar stock, this week we will have a POTLUCK!! We will provide FREE drinks and Nip, if you bring you favorite noms to share with each other.

For fun, you can come dressed as your favorite noms, or as a waiter/cook/chef, or, of course,  in your own natural fur, which is always in style at #NipClub. @RealFakeGator is ready to help you as always from #NipClub Outfitters, as am I. Please make sure we know if you want to be a waiter, waitress, chef, or actually come as your food item. (We need to know what dish your bringing too, so we can get it on the picture). We will put a bunch of your foods on the blog as "menu" as well!!

~~~~@TheNascarKitty #NipClub Manager & Kitchen Guru.

Pals PotLuck Dishes to Pass:
@TheNascarKitty serves up his signature Lamb Chops
with Mint Sauce over Spring Greens in  Balsamic Vinagrette
Cheeto (@RosieAndCheeto) as a platter of BACON

@BunnyJeanCook Serves up Spaghetti Marinara and Chicken
and Dumplings!!!
@3PhiBotticelli is scrumptious as a Fresh Fruit Sundae

@TheNascarKitty as Baked Macaroni and Cheese...Eat the
Mac and Cheese NOT the kitty please.

@PumpkinPuddy Making Nommy Henry Heart Cake

@Cats_Meows is gonna be fought over

 @Flicka47 built this floral display out of CUPCAKES!!...uh oh where's @WinstonTabby? (see below)

 @JinJinDoggy serves up her famous MeowMosas

 @KatieBella and @MarioDaCat are sweet as Strawberries

 @Kittehboi serves up his famous Susi Platter

@WinstonTabby seems to have escaped from the CupCake Display!! (above)

@PixelDoggy and @JinJinDoggy as Chicken Matzoh Ball soup!! Delisicious!!

Bowl of @pixeldog pears

@Georgetheduck sauce

The kentucky Derby is this weekend, So @tinypearlcat
will be shaking up some strong Nip Juleps during her shift

Kittens of @Claudiab53 cuddle after their bellies are so full.
These cute kittens LOVE Chicken!!

@4catstrapski's Bode loves Tuna!!

@KaitoKamui custom made cupcake!

@CryBabRKit Cake

@Flicka47's Dolly as a cookie

@LeoBlue31 Chocolate Delight (anipal safe)

@Meow_Girls as yummy Cheese and Sausage tray

@CathyKeisha Chocolate fountain

@Cats_meows Strawberry shortcake

@Dogmolly is some Cherry pie Al' a mode

@Twitelien as tastey milk bones

@Skeeterthetabby serves Skeeterza!

Spicy @Pepperpom

@Bea_bells Disco Bacon bowl

@Chazzthedog serves nomms with the @Meow_girls

@SpookyShorty is Coookies

@ArlieJo doing da Gingerbread wiggle

Plenty of donuts from @BadAndy_kitykat


Shayna said...

*giggles* Pawesome! Now, what can I come as that won' get me nommed, I wonder...

Prudence said...

Looking furward to all the great noms!

Bad Andy said...

LOL! ALL those pix are hilarious! Good job everybody!