April 10, 2012

#NipTanic sets sail! April 12, 2012 at #NipClub

Tonight we set sail in honor of @SnuggleBunnyCat our
great pal, who's now OTRB. Show your love to Snuggie
and family!! Running free in paradise with so many of our pals!! Look for her new sisfur CUDDLES on twitter soon. 

On April 14th, 1912, the supposedly strongest ship ever built (to date) set sail. But, due to some really poor quality rivets, and a really high quality iceberg....the ship sailed into history as a tragedy rather than an icon of great engineering.


@FlaCatLady and @TheNascarkitty Christen the Niptanic

Here at #NipClub we've pooled our considerable assetts and built a NEW Titanic, we've christened the #NipTanic. Not only is it bigger and more luxuirous than the original Titanic, we've hired @Flicka47's Dragon to help melt any icebergs out of our way!!

@Flicka47's Dragon melts ice bergs for our safety.
Captain @TinyPearlCat steers Niptanic into the ocean.

Cruise Activity Director @RealFakeGator (above) and Marta
(below) will make sure you enjoy your cruise. Anything you need
can be gotten from #NipClub Outfitters.


Niptanic PRIZE

Donated by @NikePurrfektCat 
 Here is the silver clad blue and cz heart necklace w piece of Titanic coal it comes w cert if authenticity and condition is NEW!

@PepperPom and @ChazzTheDog

If you want help dressing, #Nipclub Member Services manager @RealFakeGator is available to take your "Welcome Aboard" or Victorian Portrait. He's also stocked Nipclub outfitters with a variety of shipboard activities. Let him know which portrait setting or type of activity you'd like. As always, your own natural fur is always in style at #nipclub.

@TiggyBean at your service!

Fireworks once it is dark

Seen as we passed by an Island
@DuchessCrabTree - pupmermaid

Millie @WestyMad and @CharlieatsSocks



@ArlieJo boogie boarding

@BarnabasKitten rock climbing


@DoggyMolly Zip Lining Across the Ship

@JessyJaney ready to go Snoreling









Photo by @RealFakeGator

Historic Dinner Menu:
As a special treat, tonights Dinner menu is a recreation of the 1st Class
banquet served to the elite passengers on that fateful night of April 14, 1912.
Niptini with Iceberg shaped nip sorbet
By @NikePurrfektCat

Chicken Lyonaisse

Fillet Mignon Lil

Lamb Chops with Mint Suace

Roast Duck with Apple Sauce (dont worry
George, we DO NOT serve NipDuck!!)

Salmon Mousseline
Sirloin of Beef with Chateau Potatoes

Roast Squab with watercress

Vegetables Marrow Farci
Click here for vegetable Marrow Farci recipe
also serving all the other items from the original menu!!


Father Tom said...

Niptanic, love it!!! I think I'll pour me a drink and go christen a lifeboat, hehe!

Mariodacat said...

Can't wait.

Cathy Keisha said...

Whoa! Are those actual dishes that they served on the Titanic!

AdoptedMomToChazz said...

May I make a reservation to dine at the Captain's Table for ChazzTheDog and PepperPom ?

@Mr_Pie said...

@Kittehboi s picture with Kate Winslet had me rolling around clutching my sides laughing! That's SO funny. Ha ha ha ha ha