May 7, 2012

Hard Rock Birthday Bash!! May 10, 2012


Our great pal @JavaTheCat has gone Over TheRainbow Bridge. Java was a friend to all of us. She was one of the genius's behind #PawPawty, making their graphics and menus second to none. Her  Online stores comtributed a lot of $$$ to charity. She helped #NipClub and #Anipal Academy Award Ceremony with makeing souveniers, make avi's and graphics for tons of anipals, and always had a kind word and a fun attitude.  

Now Java has joined those of us Over the Rainbow Bridge. We will watch over her and keep her comfortable as she settles in up here. She's always in your heart though. We all live forever in our friends hearts.  THREE CHEERS FOR @JavaTheCat!!!! Hip Hip Huzzah!!

With love, Tiger Tommy (@TheNascarKitty- Over Rainbow Bridge since Sept. 2010)

Harry Potter Java
Java at #Scifipawty

#NipClub Manager, Graphics-Whiz, and Barktender Extraodrinaire @TinyPearlCat  just celebrated her birthday.  In honor of our pals birthday, we've decided that instead of holding our monthly birthday pawty in our #NipClub CHEERS bar, we' move it down one floor to our #NipClub HARD ROCK CAFE because nobody rocks harder than @TinyPearlCat and she just LOVES good hard rocking music!! 

A special note from @TheNascarKitty about @TinyPearlCat:  #NipClub pals, let me tell you that without a doubt, #NipClub would NOT be the success it is now without Pearl. I remember when we were starting out, this enthusiastic, gorgeous little cat took a couple eager barktending lessons, I think from @GeorgeTheDuck, and some other barktenders too...but almost immediately she began serving her own unique drinks in her own unique pleasing fun style. It wasn't long before we made her our Head-Barktender.

We hadn't even found out about her web-designing and graphics skills yet, as #NipClub got more successful and we knew we had something big on our hands, and had our blog going, she helped us make the now famous Neon-graphics, and the sidebars and extra pages. She helped fix my screw-ups week after week as I goofed up the blog. Teaching me some tricks, being ever patient, and the consummate team player. For special events & occasions, if we ask her to make a graphic or a photo, it'll appear nearly instantly, and better than we asked for. She's a genius. 

As we got even bigger, and #NipClub Catering was created, Pearl ended up with an even huger role...those elaborate menus..the great graphics, all fall on her shoulders....the rest of us help with what we can, but we cant hold a candle to her talents. @FlaCatLady, @KingTuttiFruiti & I knew she had to be an equal partner with us, and we made her a #NipClub manager. 

Every week Pearl and @RealFakeGator and I put together our blog as a team, and Pearl is the glue that holds it all together. 

Pearl has her paws in every step of #NipClub, weekly, monthly and catering!!! And beyond that, she spends most of each Thursday night mingling with patrons, barktendering 2 shifts, and then stays on as closing manager serving drinks until the last patron goes home, or passes out. She's the last one there, wiping down the bar, sweeping, and covering the passed out pawtiers with blankets. 

And all that is besides all the work she does for #PawPawty, the #AnipalAcaedemyAwards, her own blog and video channel, helping her Mom with their fun internet store, etc, as well as just being a loving pal to all of us on twitter and facebook. Whenever you need one, she is ALWAYS there with one of her famous #pawhugs.

Happy Birthday my wonderful friend, #NipClub partner & all-round great kitty! 
Love from Tiger Tommy and @DCKitty!!
@DCKitty an @dTheNascarKitty enjoy a day out with @TinyPearlCat

@TinyPearlCat All Grown up now!

@TinyPearlCat as a Kitten

Join us at the Hard Rock Cafe #NipClub branch located in our South Beach, Headquarters. We'll feature great food and drinks, and Hark rock/Heavy Metal music. If you want to dress as a head-banger, #NipClub Outfitters will be glad to help, just contact @RealFakeGator!! Of course your own fur is always welcome at #NipClub too!

If YOU have a birthday or Gotcha Day in May, please let @FlaCatLady or @TinyPearlCat know ASAP

Feral Beast
@Samthewatcher @3phibotticelli @SadieTime333 @germanshorthair an girl rock band Feral Beast...

Almost all girl band
@Iamrustycat is the drummer


Marie of @Cats_meows

Hot Dog! @RealFakeGator




cat music mad Pictures, Images and Photos

Celebrating May Gotcha and BirthDays

Drinks and Nomms

Yes! A Rockin Dog's dream come true... Bacon Guitar!

Guitar Cake
One half is filled with bacon cream
the other filled with nip cream



Mariodacat said...

You are so right about TinyPearlCat - a tiny little bundle of dynomite!! I wish I had half her talent,energy, and aptitude. Here's to Peal - Happy Birthday sweetie. You are a blessing to all of us. SMOOch

Katie Isabella said...

Happy birthday beautiful girl, and mom, Admiral and I love all you do. xxooxx

Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

Best wishes to Pearl, and thank you for your lovely tribute to Java

DashKitten and Whskr

Cathy Keisha said...

Sorry I'm going to miss it. I love Litterbox. Have all their videos. Happy Birthday to Pearl.