May 16, 2012

#Nipclub Raises a Glass to Toast JinJinDoggy May 17, 2012

Honoring: JinJinDoggy
Artwork via @ChatteMuse

8pm EDT 5/17 The #BBOT Bad Boys of Twitter and #Pink Angels will ride to honor @JinJinDoggy

9pm EDT 5/17 @PumpkinPuddy will do Kaddish for @JinJinDoggy

Our great pal and hard working Barktender @JinJinDoggy has gone Over The Rainbow Bridge.

Many of our pals were there to greet her. @HollieCatRocks gathered everyone to watch JinJin cross the RB. @BunnyJeanCook, @JavatheCat, @Petiethecat, @AdmiralHestrob, @DCKitty, @TheNascarKitty, @SnuggleBunnyCat, @chattemuse, @hankthedoggy, @mulder_cat, @scully_cat, @serenathecat, @rudyccat, @smokeypoodle and MANY others met her there. 

@PepiSmartDog drove JinJin across bridge in the PRAM to greet the everyone.

Arrangements were made for her beloved car, favorite toys and furniture to be sent up. She will be fine. She's young and full of spunk again, ready to be guardian angel for @PixelDoggy and their family. 

JinJin is a great pal, always there with a kind word, and she's been such a great employee of #NipClub working hard, pleasing everyone. 

Tonight is for JinJin, Pixel and their family, good memories, comfort, and love will be in abundance. 

Love your #Nipclub family

@JinJinDoggy in her beloved Mustang...we just had it brought
up to #Rainbow Bridge for her 

To JinJinDoggy's Family From @JessieJainey

@MarioDaCat and @TinyPearlCat wipe down the bar after
 the last pawty....passed-pawty anipals are spread out
all over the bar. THAT'S the sign of a great pawty!! 

It's been a very busy month at #NIpClub, we had  huge pawties every Thursday, plus many weekend events, including the HUGE 2nd Anniversary Pawty of #NipClub and the Inaugural #NipClub Monthly. And this coming weekend another pawty catered for the Anipal Academy Awards (#AAAC) Honors Ceremony.

Our staff and our customers are exhausted.....that wont keep them from pawtying again MOL....but we'd like to spend a nice easy evening at our replica Cheers bar.

Come as Sam, Diane, Rebekah, Carlo, Norm etc....or just come in your own natural fur, a fun time will be had by all!!@RealFakeGator of #NipClub Outfitters will be glad to help you out if you need it.


George The Duck said...

You'll always be in our hearts, Jinny. Love you girl. We'll look after Pixel and your Mom with lots of love and hugs.
*ducky hugs forever*

Mariodacat said...

JinJin Darling - I have tears in my eyes, but a smile on my face as I look at all your special costumes. You always did know how to show off that sexy body of yours. Will miss you dearly, but will love you forever. I am a better kitty and M says she's a better person for having known you and your family. One last Smooch!

Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

God Bles HinHin - our hearts break for you and your Mum.

Dash and Whskr

Anonymous said...

*wipes leaky eyes* Lots of hugs to your whole family. Thank you for sharing JinJin with us. Yitgadal v'yitgadash shme rabba. Love you JinJin!

Cathy Keisha said...

NOOOOOO! Not my sista JinJin! NO NO NO! Those pictures she took at last year's prom showed how close all us grrrrls are. I love you, until we meet again. *bows head*

JessieJaney said...

Ty for making so many of us laugh and be happy whenever you visited us on Twitter or Barktended at #Nipclub Jinny ... you will be sadly missed but everyone whose heart you touched *Salutes Jinny*

@RealFakeGator said...

So very sorry :(

Nadine said...

Mama is posting for me, we are both having lots of cries over the Earthly loss of Sweet JinJin. She was always kind to me. I'm sure that once she gets settled in her lovely new digs OTRB, she will be back at The Nip Club, with some really great stories.
I'm giving virtual sweet cuddles & lots of low purrrrs for JinJin's Mum. Love is forever. I keep telling my Mum that.

Nadine said...

Mama is so upset, she forgot to sign for me. My mama is Nadine, I'm Miss ZoeLuna.

Connie and Arlie Jo said...

Dearest JinJin - I can't believe you have left this world. In the short time I've known you (via Twitter), it was easy to see what a loving pup you are. My heart breaks for your family, as they will miss you so very much. May it comfort them to know you are now free to run & play OTRB, with those who've gone before you.

With much love & big hugs,
ArlieJo & Mom

flicka47 said...

I'll look for you in the evening sunset Jin. Because I know you'll be there looking down and watching over all your twitter friends and family.

You and Pixel are some of the kindest souls I have ever known, you have always had kind words for everyone, encouragement for the sad, and the best costumes ever!! ;o)

May all the fond memories of you bring your mama comfort that she gave you the best life possible.

When that day comes in the far off future when you meet again at The Bridge, your tail will wag & you will jump for joy to see her again.


Pandafur said...

JinJin iz da best barktender an mowst stilish doggy #Nipclub haz evar seen! I luv you sweet angel, you will always shine bright!

Leo said...

Jinjin - What can be said that hasn't already been? You were one of the sweetest most loving pals around. Always willing to help, to joke, share a smile, laugh, wipe a tear. Though I only knew you a short time you inspired me and have touched my heart deeply. Love you always jinny.

Anonymous said...

Darlin. When I saw you I had tears in mai eyes for your mama. For Pixel. But when you looked at me and I looked at you, and we saw each other in the meadow just now, you running right for me, I knew you will be okay. YOU will never be alone, you always be with me with all our furrriends here OTRB, love you. xoxoox always and furever


Vicki Stringfellow Cook said...

Jinny - I'm so sorry you had to leave Pixel and your mom, but I know there are lots of anipals waiting to greet you at the RB. We will miss you.

BJC's mom

Phi Otticelli said...

JinJin, love is stronger than death. We stand paw in paw ready to honor your memory and spread love like you did. I will miss my pal, and hope Pixel and Mama know how much we love you. Phi

Brian said...

I am so sorry you had to leave JinJin. Your kindness and generosity towards others was so natural for you. You will live in all of our hearts forever and we shall never forget you and the good times. Love ya JinJin.

PepperPom said...

JinJin, I am so sad you had to leave. You were one of my first pals here, you helped me learn how to bartend, you were always sweet. Sort of like a big sisfur. Your mom and Pixel are in my thoughts.
Love and hugs,

Katie Isabella said...

JinJin, Mom and I will always look u at your star. We have all our furriends' stars counted and located and we look at them each night.

Love to your mom and dad, sweet girl and we will miss you so much. But Admiral gets to see you again and that is something she loves.

Hugs and purrs and love to all of your family.

Prudence said...

Here's to JinJin, it was so wonderful working w/you at the pawties. Coonhound {{{hugs}}} fur Pixel and your mom.

Truman said...

JinJin-You will be missed by so many. You were a very sweet girl. My heart breaks for you and your family. Hugs for all of you! Luv from Truman

Bad Andy said...

Wonderful tribute for JinJin. Such a sweetheart. May she & Java happily romp & play in the clouds.

Honeybell said...

The stars shine so brightly and we send healing hugs to Pixel, mama and family. We will all meet one day again sweet JJ