May 28, 2012

#NipClub Beach Pawty May 31th, 2012

Pals, the days are getting longer, the sand is getting warmer, the waves are big blue and beautiful...the sun has returned from it's winter nap.....what does that all add up to? BEACH PAWTY!!!! Join us on the beautiful beach outside #NipClub's South Beach, Florida headquarters for a day of beach fun with all your favorite activities!


Whether you dress up in your own natural fur..................

Or Dress up in your expensive Designer Beachweare............

Or create your own wonderful look like our terrific @Meow_Girls have (above), one thing is for sure...FUN will be had by all.

If you want a special look, some custom beachwear, or maybe some beach sports gear (parasailing, jetskiing, surfing, cuddling on a beach blanket with your sweetie, whatever you can dream of)...@RealFakeGator and his crew of genius's at #NipClub Outfitters can help you out!! Just for the asking.


This cat can do anything
@SeattleP surfing

@HolliecatRocks and @SamTheCatRocks running on the beach

@GeorgetheDuck getting a time out

@MewMewMurphy and @Cats_Meows get some time together

@MizzBassie relaxin

@WinstonTabby plays the ladies a song

@DCKitty & @TheNascarKitty catch some rays


What will YOU do for our beach pawty? We can't wait to find out. Make sure to email your avatar to us if you want to be included in our new weekend picture blog post of Who was at #NipClub Click HERE for emailing Info.

Full Bar right on the beach!!



More great beach time photos



 Jinjin Doggy

Marta and Gator

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