June 3, 2012

June 7th #Nipclub Celebrates June Birthdays and Gotcha Days!

Do you have a birthday or gotcha day in June? Let us know, we're celebrating all our lucky pals special days at #NipClub! See all the details on how to join the #Nipclub Birthday Club here:http://nipclub.blogspot.com/p/birthday-club.html

Here are our June Birthday and Gotcha Day pals!

Happy Birthday Doug (@TheNascarKitty's human) 6/3

Happy Birthday @ShaynaCat! 6/7
Happy Birthday @LilyLuWhot 6/9!

Happy Gotcha Day @GeorgetheDuck 6/23!

Happy Gotcha Day @IAmSmittyKitty! 6/24

Happy Birthday @GiambiBoyPup! 6/24/06

Happy 1st Birthday @AnnieSparkles 6/12!

Happy 5th Birthday @Boomiethecat 6/15!
Happy Birthday @VincentRocket 6/5!
Happy Birthday @DuchessCrabtree 6/17!
Happy Birthday @mewmewmurphy 6/15!
Happy Birthday @sisfurcats Bugs 6/25!

Happy Birthday @SliptheHound 6/1!

Happy Birthday to  @Spanielopolis June 7

More will be added as you send in your requests! Remember you won't make the blog if we don't know it is your special day!

Please invite all your friends to #Nipclub this Thursday to help you celebrate your special day. June pals this is your night at #Nipclub, live it up!

Drinks n Nomms



Beers of all flavors


Bacon Cheeze wraps




Onion Rings


Car Cake


Bacon Cake
Carob cream cake


Triple Cheeze cake


Multi-flavor Cheeze cake


Strawberry layer cream cake

Cupcakes of all flavors

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Whskr & Dash Kitten said...

I just popped by as a pal wanted to know the date, and I found so many birthdays I just had to comment! Happy Birthday one and all!