January 23, 2015

#NipClub SUPERB OWL Pawty Jan. 29th, 2015

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We'll undoubtedly be expecting a lot of owls to show up and celebrate the arrival of the SUPERB OWL, so our #NipClub Chefs will be preparing the best of bird cuisine. Field Mice Tartar, Birdseed, ................oh wait....I'm getting a phone call from #NipClub Manager @TheNascarKitty....."Hi Tommy, How Are You"...."Oh...oh my....I did not know that...so there are NO owls coming?"........."Football? You mean like Soccer?"....."OH SORRY! Calm Down..."..."Hello? Hello? Tommy are you there?".......

....it appears @TheNascarKitty has fainted, which when dealing
with @DoggyMolly is a pretty common occurance at #NipClub

@ShaynaCat #NipClub Monthly Manager
Hello efurrybody. This is @ShaynaCat, overall boss of #NipClub. I just found @TheNascarKitty incoherent and babbling in the corner of #NipClub's office facility after a phone call to @DoggyMolly . Don't worry, he's going to spend a couple nice days in the soft rubber room, and be out in time to pawty at this weeks #NipClub.

I'm sorry about all the confusion regarding this weeks pawty. It's actually a pawty to celebrate the upcoming SUPERBOWL featuring the Seattle Seahawks & the New England Patriots.
 Join us Thursday night January 29th, 2015 for a night of great noms, great drinks, great dancing, and smack talking about your football teams. I'm sure a few  anipals will toss the old pigskin around too.

Dress up as your favorite football player (even if your team didn't make the SuperBowl) or as a cheerleader, a fanatic hard pawtying fan, or just come in your own natural fur, which is always welcome at #NipClub. If you need help just ask @RealFakeGator and his pals at #NipClub Outfitters.

Now if you will excuse me, I have an important phone call to attend to.  Something about a Superb Owl trophy.

 photo FOOTBALLFLAMING_zpspvjswcyp.gif

The game may be on Sunday Feb. 1st, 2015, but we'll start pawtying Thursday at #NipClub, and we'll also open our doors on SuperBowl Sunday during the game for anipals to talk about the game or even comment on the famous Puppy Bowl with Kitty Halftime Show that runs simultaneously  on Animal Planet.

We`ll be moving things to the  #Nipclub Sports bar for this Thursdays pawty.

 photo bowl_zpspaxfgzsf.gif

You`ve all seen snow angels
Now watch @TinyPearlCat make a Seattle confetti angel

@SeattleP is the SeaHawks 12th cat

 photo 2m_zpsdabfrjmx.gif
Nomms and Drinks



 photo 48b9f870_zpsatg4nkci.gif
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