January 4, 2015

"CLASSIC" Music night at #NipClub January 8th, 2015

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Celebrate our talented #NipClub DJs

It's time for another famous #NipClub Music Theme night!! This time we're giving our DJ's some room to be creative in many different areas of their choice.

So pop into #NipClub for our famous food and drinks, and listen as our world famous DJ's take you on a trip through musical history.

Every generation has their "classic" music. From the beginning of time  to now, there's a huge variety of songs that never age.  Many of us attribute memorable events and times of our lives with the music that we heard then.  Often, an old song will invoke memories of times past and let us feel young again. 

Whether it's classical baroque music, or classic country, classic rock, classic jazz, there's something out there for everyone, and it's really fun to share our favorite classic songs, because, who knows...you may learn to love a whole new (new to you anyway) genre of songs.

 photo dj_dog_lady_zpsl0lahssn.gif

The ultimate Classic music....CLASSICAL Music. As shown here, by The Canadian Brass.

 Out of the roots of old Celtic Folk songs, Country Music became a staple of the American Music
Scene. One of the most popular was Johnny Cash. The Man In Black.

Music was never the same after the swing era started. Musicians like
Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Harry James, Gene Krupa and so  
many more turned the world on it's ear with hot jazz.
In the early 1960s the music world was set afire again by 
four lads from Liverpool England. And music would
never again be the same. THE BEATLES!!!! 

A long time again, an old blues musician named Robert Johnson went "down to the"
CROSSROADS and created the genre of blues music. In this great video, RUSH
a "classic" band themselves" combines modern rock and blues. No matter what type
of classic music you like. Whether new, or hundreds of years old, music truly
makes the world go round. And there's no better venue then #NipClub to hear it! 

Some of our great Weekly Dj's
Go to see others that have played HERE on the DJ page
Many also pay at the Monthly pawty.

If you are a #Nipclub DJ and we need your pic on the DJ page, please let TPC know
Drinks and Nomms

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Big giant thank you and hugs to everyone that attended, volunteered and donated last month to help black kitties.  You are wonderful!

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