July 22, 2015

#NipClub Pawties Hard! Summer Preview Pawty! July 23, 2015

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at Averting Cat-astrophe Every penny helps! Thanks!

Every week and one full weekend a month, #NipClub brings you the hottest pawties of the whole world wide interweb. And this summer has started off smoking hot! Shark Week? Gymnastics? Christmas in July?
We're just getting started.

And we're seeing so many new faces. So It's important the remind everybody why we do this! 

#NipClub was founded as a release, where anipals and their humans can get a release from their hard lives, work, etc. and just blow off steam. And we decided that we would also use it as a platform to help raise funds for worthy well vetted no kill animal shelters, rescues and animal health organizations. 

#NIPCLUB is FREE!!! ALWAYS. And EVERYBODY IS WELCOME!  Yes. That's right. It's free to pawty at #NipClub. YES, our barktenders and DJs remind you to TIP...IF YOU CAN.  And 100% of those tips go to our charities. Our administrative cost is ZERO!!!  BUT if you can't afford to tip, that's OK. Our main goal't kn is to make sure you have fun!!  And because all of your tipping is 100% anonymous, NOBODY knows who tips and who doesn't. Not even our managers or IT staff have access to see who tips.  So while we appreciate your tips, and our charities are very happy to receive them, we dont want you to feel you have to tip to pawty at #NipClub. 

Our charities are carefully checked out. We vet them totally to make sure they are NO-KILL, and that all of our donations go to the rescue, saving, and medical care of animals. And like I said before, we have NO administrative costs, so 100% of "tips"  dontated during our pawties or through our website go directly to our charities. 

Some of us where silly, crazy or ingenuitive costumes to our theme pawties, but that is totally optional. We just want you to come have fun. Of course anytime you want help dressing up just right, we're glad to help you!!! Just ask @RealFakeGator or #NipClub OutFitters to help out. They'll get you looking just right. 

But Most important to us, just come and have fun. That's our number one Goal. 

See ya soon! @TheNascarKitty #NipClub Manager/BlogMaster/DJ/Founding Member
                       @TinyPearlCat #NipClub Manager/IT Genius/Barktender/PAL to all!
                        @RealFakeGator #NipClub Manager/Graphics Whiz/#NipClub Outfitters Mgr.

Don't forget to come this Thursday, have a few drinks, some great noms, dance to our great tunes, and hang out with pals.

Coming Soon to #NipClub: 

One of the themes we're MOST excited about is our new page where we will share links to your own personal story. So all of you should start writing up the story of your life. Even if you don't think it's exciting, your friends would love to read it. We'll help you write it up and get it on the blog if you wish. And we'll introduce this great new feature with a BABY ANIMAL pawty featuring pictures of you as a baby (if you have them) or dressed as your favorite baby animal. 

We'll also have a CAR AND MOTORCYCLE SHOW pawty to let you show off your cars and cycles, and we'll put a "parking spot" page on the blog so your pals can come see your rides anytime they want. And of course, we can just help put you in the vehicle of your dreams if you need it. 

Coming up next week, we're going to an AMUSEMENT PARK/WATER PARK.

We'll also go to the circus, visit your favorite TV shows and movies, celebrate all your fovorite sporting, cultural and holiday events. 

A personal fave of ours is our annual RENAISSANCE FAIRE.

We have a huge list of THEME ideas that we got from  your suggestions a few weeks ago, and we'd love to hear your ideas any time. 

Just make sure to attend each Thursday if you can! We love to have you at #NipClub 

Summer photo 1368022v6odbimnx8.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Averting Cat-astrophe
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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