October 13, 2016

@_Bill_The_Cat welcomes you to #NipClub's #Rainbow Bridge Memorial Oct. 14, 2016

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at German Shepherd Dog Rescue Of Georgia.Every penny helps! Thanks!

Hi. My name is @_Bill_The_Cat and I'm the younger brofur of @TheNascarKitty. While I had gone to #RainbowBridge before #NipClub was started, I'm no stranger to many of you. And I'd like to welcome you to a special night at #NipClub where we pawty in honor of our @RainbowBridge friends. 

Here I am with my older Brofur, @TheNascarKitty. I went to #RainbowBridge
at 18 years of age. Tiger Tommy lived another year. He was 22 when he went #OTRB.

I went to #RainbowBridge before #NipClub began. But I've kept busy.

I'd like to take a  few minutes of your time to talk about #RainbowBridge and reassure you that your friends who are there are taken care of with the utmost care. 

There are many of us us here who make it our job to make sure the anipals here are kept happy and content while they are here waiting to reunite with you. @PepiSmartDog has long been escorting pals here when he can, comforting them and their loved ones back on earth. 

My job is guest services. I greet each new arrival, and make sure they are comfortable and taken care of while they adjust. Many of them go spend a few days at the homes of pals like @TheNascarKitty & his darling @DCKitty, or @HollieCatRocks, or @SanjeeTheCat,  @TheRustCat, @3phibotticelli, @jinjindoggy, @pixeldoggy @PetieTheCat @SamTheCatRocks and many more while we are building them their own dream mansions to their specs. We also have businesses like @Mulder_Cat's Bar and Grill, @RudyCKat's barber shop and @Lucky_GSD's new Prank Shop and Tequila Bar.

Each new arrival gets orientated by @PepiSmartDog and myself so they don't have any confusion. And, tonight, I'd like to take a few moments to also educate the families and loved ones of our residents understand #RainbowBridge a little. 
Friends and loved ones, let me speak to you a few moments about #RainbowBridge. It's paradise. We have all the seasons, all the time, whatever climate your anipal likes, we have. All our residents here are made healthy and whole upon arrival. There is never any pain, any fear, any discomfort. Any disabilities they had on earth are  gone. There are endless games, toys, fields to play in. There is all the food they could ever want, and you never get fat. Everybody gets a mansion designed specifically for them. There are "cloud cuddle piles" when they're tired, and we have a "looking cloud" so that when they miss you, they can lay on a cloud and watch down over you and wave. 

So whenever you feel a strange breeze caress your cheek, when you suddenly feel warm and comforted when your down, that's your pal waving and sending love. 

@HollieCatRocks a #NipClub legend, and the
sweetest kitty #OTRB has some advice below:
 Remember these important words from the lovely @HollieCatRocks: "It's Never Goodbye, it's just, 'See You Later'!" As long as you have love and memories in your heart, your pals live forever. 

So, while it's fine to be sad and miss your pal, just don't worry about them. Everybody at #RainbowBridge is well taken care of and comfortable and happy. 

@Mulder_Cat is always happy to serve your pal a cold beer and lend a listening ear
@PepiSmartDog gives each pal a special ride #OTRB in a special pram. 

@RudyCKat will keep that fur just perfect(styling @Ryker_Tyker, above), and
also has a terrific spa (below)

There's always a spare room (or a couple dozen actually) at the palace @TheNascarKitty built for
his lovely @DCKitty. They throw a pawty near every night so the #OTRB pals always have a place to go.

Drinks and Nomms

drink photo DRANK.gif 

Did you know that #Nipclub has an OTRB Menu?
Right HERE

RAINBOW BRIDGE 1 photo arb-bridge_1.gif

 Last Chance to help our the German Shepard Rescue, then we will be moving on to a new Charity.
Thank you all very much!
Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at German Shepherd Dog Rescue Of Georgia 
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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