January 15, 2017

80's Night at #NipClub January 19th, 2017

Please make sure to check out the major announcement at the bottom of this weeks blog!! You won't want to miss this!! 

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For those of us old enough to remember the 1980's the vast majority of us look back fondly on a great time in our history. We were on the dawn of great technological breakthroughs, several new types of music were gaining a foothold (hair metal, new wave, techno rock, even early rap). America had elected a "tough as nails" President who'd go on to end the cold war and cement our place as a world power. The American car manufacturing industry....well, let's not talk about that MOL... and the movies! Oh the great 80s movies, that still stand the test of time today. What a time!!!! 

Anyway, this week at #NipClub we're bringing back the 80s for a night. Dress in your favorite 80s style. Be a "hair metal maniac" or a big haired New Waver. Dress as your favorite 80s movie or TV star. Or just show up and pawty. It's gonna be fun!!! If you need that "special look" ask @RealFakeGator of #NipClub Outfitters and he'll set you up!!!

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And then one day, in the early 80s, something WORLD CHANGING happened....the REAL MTV  (not the music free garbage channel we have now)  started mixing MUSIC with GREAT VIDEO. This was the first video ever shown:

And the world was never the same again!!! 

The US car industry was all but dead in the early 80s. And Chryslet's K-Car was the
saviour that our domestic industry needed to compete with the Japanese Import
economy cars. They were "interesting" little cars. That being said, @TheNascarKitty
still has the 1981  Dodge Aries K-Car his human learned on. BECAUSE not only
can he NOT sell...he can't even seem to give it away. MOL

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Important announcement!!! #NipClub will be opening a branch in SCOTLAND and we will pawty the for 2 weeks (Jan. 26th will be the Haggis Festival and Burn's Night Pawty) and Feb. 2nd will be Highland Games!!! AND THEN on Feb 4th to 5th we will hold a 24 hour pawty with games, prizes and around the clock fun!!! 

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