February 3, 2017

Weekend in Scotland

#NipClub Spends the Weekend in SCOTLAND 

February 4th & 5th, 2017

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Grab your kilts and sporrans and be ready this to ride the #NipClub jet to Scotland this weekend, for the 3rd of 4 Scotland themed pawties.  There will be 24hrs of fun, games and the company of good friends.  Oh, and nip and drinks of course.

This weekends hashtag is #NCWIS
Pawty hours are 2:00 pm Eastern time US Saturday to 2:00pm Eastern time US Sunday

What have we got planned?  Read on....

So, you want to lean another language. Great!  Learning another language exercises and boosts your brain power. It makes your travel experiences better.  It impresses people around you. It makes you more interesting. It makes you smarter, or at least it makes you appear smarter. It helps you discover new cultures and new people.

Some of our hosts actually are Scotts and they are looking forward to sharing their native language with you. One isn't Scottish but has studied enough to know some basic words and phrases. Either way, they are ready to help you learn, and above all, to have fun!

During this time, our hosts will tweet out a Scottish word or phrase. Your job is to tweet back the answer. Because this is #Nipclub after all, you are encouraged to tweet out what you think the answer is or even what you think the answer should be!  For example.... 
HOST: What does the Scottish "I dinnae" mean in English? 
ANSWER (made up of course): It's the name of Apple's new TV dinner line...iDinnae.

This is purely a fun activity. There are no prizes for fastest answer or most correct answers, so please don't check for answers on-line or in texts. And for goodness sake, don't trust anything @Lucky_gsd gives as a translation, or all that be smarter, appear more intelligent stuff will go right out the window. You will be more interesting, just not in the way you want!

Date,Time & Host:
Saturday Feb 4         5:00pm EST    @lampwireslayer
Saturday Feb 4         7:00pm EST    @Tweeting Truman
Sunday   Feb 5          8:00am EST    @SquirtTheCat

Loch Ness, a large, deep freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands is home to Nessie, aka The Loch Ness Monster. Nessie, an aquatic creature, has typically been described
as large, long-necked, dragon-like, sea serpent-like and/or prehistoric looking. 

The 1st report of a monster in Loch Ness was in the 6th century,  There was another in the later 1800's. It wasn't until 1933 when a sighting peaked interest in "the monster" again. Since then there have been sightings, searches, photos, videos, sonar readings.   Some believe these to be real, others are believed to be hoaxes or other explanations.

Folklore? Hoax? Real? On this trip to Scotland, #Nipclub takes to the waters of Loch Ness. Our newly purchased boat has all the newest and best sonar, photographic, and scientific equipment to aid us in our search. We've hired the best Captain on the Loch, as well as gathered the world's foremost experts on Nessie. Ok, not really.  We have a gang of fun-loving ferts and anipals aboard. We have scuba gear for those who dare to dive the dark waters in search of Nessie.  We have a fully stocked bar, food and nip. We're feeling drunk, seasick & lucky.

Come join us as we make history in #Nipclub's 2017 search for Nessie. This could be the year she's found!

Date,Time & Host:
Saturday Feb 4         6:00pm EST    @cherylpoestone

Is there a difference between a bar and a Pub?  Yes.  There are differences in the types of alcohol they serve, the amount and types of food they serve, their clientele and ambience. 

Pubs, short for Public Houses have been around since the 1st century. In many places, especially in villages, a pub is the focal point of the community. Come along as your host takes you to some of Scotland’s famous pubs. 

Sample the local ales, but be sure to eat hearty along the way or else you will find yourself walking wobbly, er, I mean, off kilter. 

Date,Time & Host:
Saturday Feb 4         8:00pm EST    @realfakegator

Nothing says Scotland like golf, and nothing says golf like The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, regarded as the worldwide home of golf.  St. Andrews is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious golf clubs in the world.

Imagine the rich history, the spectacular views of the rugged Scottish coast-line, the winds off the ocean as you walk the links of a course as only #Nipclub could do it. Imagine the shock 1754's founders would feel upon seeing our modern day clubhouse, the Not So Royal and Not So Ancient, and imagine today's members' shock when they see the Old Course sitting next to the brand-spanking-new Mini-Golf links course!

Put on your best golfing attire, grab your golf clubs and head out to the links. What do Breakfast LInks have to do with golfing? For most of us in the US, we'll be golfing in the morning, and that means BREAKFAST!! 

Date,Time & Host:
Sunday Feb 5         9:00am EST    @mizzbassie

What is Burns night?  What is Haggis made of?  What country do @SquirtTheCat & @lampwireslayer call home?   Come on, you should all know by now!

Test your knowledge to see if you can answer our Scottish/Scotland themed quiz questions. Remember, this is #NIpclub, if you don't know, make something up! 

This is a fun activity, there are no prizes, we're not naming names and we're not grading so go ahead and give it a shot.

Date,Time & Host:
Sunday Feb 5         10:00am EST    @3phibotticelli

Quizzes & Prizes
@danapixie and @Mizzbassie have gone to the ends of the earth to assemble a wonderful assortment of prizes for pawty-goers this weekend.  And we do mean that literally, since prizes have come from donor.s around the world!  Keep watching throughout the weekend for our Quizzers, who will announce times and prizes.  All you have to do for a chance to be one of the lucky winners is DM the Quizzer.  Winners are chosen randomly.

What's a pawty without great music?  Good thing we don't have to worry about that since #Nipclub has the best DJ's around, and they will be playing 24 hours of the best Scottish and fun music around.  Feel free to just listen, but if the mood strikes, get up and dance.  Note: the bar is not off-limits for dancing.

Noms & Drinks

 Full Scottish Breakfast


 Gaelic coffee

Ploughman Lunch

Fofar Bridies


Cullen Skink

Cheese Platter
 Belhaven Scottish Ale


 Drunken Rhubarb Crumble

 Edinburgh Rock Candy

 Flora Macdonald

Flying Scotsman

Thanks to @TweetingTruman and Scottish pal @SquirtTheCat for this week's menu,
and to all of our hard working Barktenders who serve hungry anipals all evening long

Need a kilt for this weekend? 
@TweetingTruman and @realfakegator have just what you need!
See something you like?  Let one of them know.
Have something else in mind?  They are happy to do custom.

Avatar samples from @TweetingTruman

Avatar samples from @realfakegator

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Every penny helps! Thanks!
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