July 3, 2017

#NipClub sets sail on the LOVE BOAT July 6th, 2017

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Hi pals.  I got a heck of a deal on the Pacific Princess Cruiseliner, made famous by the TV Show The Love Boat. So I bought it, built a #NipClub branch on the roof and this week we set sail. Come with your special someone, or come alone and see who you meet. Or just come enjoy the cruise. Remember, it's #NipClub so it's always first class. 

Our world class DJs will play the best "Yacht Rock" and other great music. Our world class barktenders will serve up exotic drinks and gourmet noms. And our entertainment crew will.....well, who knows what shenanigans they'll get up to......


Will you be coming along?  Ask @realfakegator for your avatar now!

@MarioDaCat tries the Surf Simulator on the top deck. 

@MooTheMouseCat lounges in the pool. 
We've parked @TinyPearlCat's mobile Fireworks launcher on deck, and
she's brought thousands of pounds of  fireworks to shoot off in honor
of America's Independance Day this week and Penny of Meow_Girls. 

 photo ship surf_zpsupbuzj4m.gif

Please take a moment to remember our dear pal Penny of Meow_Girls

Update from Loveboat Night:
There were many raised glasses and tributes to our wonderful Penny friend
A nice ride on the big ship and fine drinks.
Several pals looked completely normal like Kittehboi on the slides in an innertube, then out of nowhere the Black paw showed up to pillage the ship.

They took lots of the drinks and noms.
 Replaced the catnip water with Owen's Blackpaw rum. 
Pasty put up a super fight against Owen. What a spitfire!
Soon they got all they needed and passed out.
Then back to music and dancing.

 Drinks and Noms
 photo dolphin ship_zpssxmgtitw.gif

Fancy Meow_Girl Drinks

Winston made special drinks for Meow_Girls

 photo dolphin ship_zpssxmgtitw.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Rikki's Refuge Animal Sanctuary
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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M Dawson said...

This looks so much fun and now I have finished my work I can visit on Fridays!!