July 31, 2017

#NipClub Fantasy Island August 3, 2017

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at Rikki's Refuge Animal Sanctuary. Every penny helps! Thanks!

"Boss! Da Plane Da Plane!!"   "Smiles Everybody, Smiles".

The TV show Fantasy Island was a magical, mystical place where you got a chance to live out your fantasy and maybe learn a valuable life lesson at the same time. 

What a perfect place for the next #NipClub location!! So this week, come to Fantasy Island and be whatever, whoever, whenever you want to be! Want to be a Wild West Cowboy? Want to be a Pirate in Outer Space? Want to be a race car driver? Want to be a different kind of animal? A Celebrity Chef? A Movie Star? Well, whatever you want to be, THIS is the week. 

If you need help with your fantasy contact @RealFakeGator at #NipClub Outfitters so he can get his crew working on your fantasy. And if your fantasy is just a relaxing night with pals at twitter's premiere anipal pawty bar....that's OK too. Enjoy.  Smiles Everybody!

"Da Plane Da Plane - Places Everybody!" @Kittehboi spots the incoming Fantasy Island guests

 @TinyPearlCat (as Tattoo) assists @TheNascarKitty (Mr. Roarke) in making your fantasy come true!

@LampwireSlayer and @FlashJumpingJack are among the first to arrive. What will their fantasies be? Come find out!!

 @GeorgeTheDuck isn't far behind

@Bea_Bells takes the custom Fantasy Island Shuttle to the beach to have a drink and dream up the perfect fantasy. 

Drinks and Noms

 photo isldsnf_zpsbhvmz6oc.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Rikki's Refuge Animal Sanctuary
Every penny helps! Thanks!

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