February 16, 2011

Thursday February 17th, 2011 NipClub Lounge

WOW anipals, we have had a busy few weeks here at #NipClub!! Huge pawtys, themed events, even a special opening on Valentines Day!!

For Thursday night Feb. 17th we will just have a good old fashioned evening at the bar. Good drinks, good noms, great music, great pals, dancing, Nip, more Nip, and Fun. Did I mention there will be nip? MOL.

Our staff has worked their paws to the bone, and many of them have been rewarded with cars, which you have probably seen on Twitter. Eventually all of them will have cars. Here's the cars we've bought our employees to date:

@GeorgeTheDuck looks hot in his 58 Cadillac. Yep Ladies, HE's SINGLE!!

@CathyKeisha tearing up some asphalt in her 66 Mustang

@Kittehboi cruisin' in his classic 57 Belair Convertible

@AutumnTheDoxie in her custom Low Rider Chopped Chevy HHR Truck

@PumpkinPuddy in her exotic Lamborgini Guillardo

@HemmingswaysCat in a rare Shelby Mustang

@MaggieTKat in her Chevy Deuce Coupe 

We also got @MaggieTKat a Hummer Pickup to haul #NipClub stuff in.

@Meow_Girls Tippy (Red car) & Penny (Blue Car) in their Ford Thunderbirds

@PandaFur in her classic 56 Corvette

@ShaynaCat looks pawsome in her Bentley Continental Convertible

@MarioDaCat in his Corvette Stingray

@TinyPearlCat in her classic Dodge Charger. Yep, it's got a Hemi!!

@TheNascarKitty in his Chevelle Malibu SS. 
@HollieCatRocks is as gorgeous as the scenery in her
Supercharged Lotus. She had the biggest NipClub pawty ever
And serves as a Hostess as NipClub too!

The Love of my Life, @DCKitty takes some #NipClub employees
for a spin in her new Ferrari. @HollieCatRocks, @SeattleP, @CathyKeisha,
@TinyPearlCat, ME and @MarioDaCat all crammed in MOL.

We are also starting a special blog page featuring #NipClub car club, and that will be up on the blog soon.


Anonymous said...

wow hot cars! see you tomm! xo

Admiral Hestorb said...

Mommy LOVES seeing all these furriends in their rides!! Look at PANDAFUR too! And Mariodacat, just effuryone!

Cathy Keisha said...

Errr, mine has a little teensy dent that needs to be fixed. OK, I had a teensy little smashup. If you must know, I, like, kinda totaled it but I did manage to bail and am OK. No one told me not to tweet while driving. Oww!

Mariodacat said...

Hey boss, it's nice to see the Nipclub doing so well cuz I'm sure all those deluxe cars cost you a fortune. Great job on nipclub!! ha ha- figured it wouldn't take CK long to wreck her car.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so nice to buy that lotus for me! I try to be good hostess! xoxoxox!

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