March 29, 2011

TWO Pawties in one NIGHT!!! HOLY CAT! March 31, 2011,@DaBooPatrol's Bachelor Pawty & @CatGodessAthena's Bridal Shower!!

Please see:  for Stag Pawty Menu!

Please see: for Shower Menu!!!

OK, people have said I am a pawty animal, or that I'm a "wee bit" crazy, and I always hear, "You'll never be able to top that pawty!" Well.....I'm just crazy enough to try TWO pawties at once!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First I guess I should tell you that our very own Security Chief Nimbus (@daBooPatrol) has become engaged to the lovely @CatGodessAthena!! They even asked ME to be the Best Man at their wedding!!

SO, this Thursday, at 8 pm EDT we will have TWO Nipclubs at once. Each Pawty will have it's own DJ's & Barktenders so everybody is sure to get that great #NipClub service!!

Hashtag: #NipClubShower at 8pm EDT the ladies  will get on #NipClub's Private Jet with Air Captain/Pilot @TinyPearlCat and fly to beautiful Greece to hang out, shop and pawty !!

FREE luxury round trip flight!!
Beautiful Greece!!!!
Don't forget a gift!!!
@HollieCatRocks & @DanaPixie worked hard on this shower!!!!

Our lovely hostess & wedding planner @HollieCatRocks with her helpers @SeattleP & @AutumnTheDoxie & @TinyPearlCat will guide you to Greece's best hot spots for dining, shopping, pawtying etc before you hop on the jet back to #NipClub.

Stag Pawty!!!! 8 to 9:30 pm
NOT This kind of Stag Pawty either!!!! MOL
But it will be THIS kind:
@_Bill_The_Cat enjoying his birthday pawty.

Hashtag: #NipClubStag While the ladies are off in Greece, The guys will throw a Bachelor Pawty for Nimbus!!! Hosts @Kingtuttifruiti, @MarioDaCat & I will provide 90 minutes of pure fun..just remember....what happens at #NipClub stays at #NipClub!!! 

Then at 9:30 the ladies will return, and we'll party and dance the night away with @DaBooPatrol (Nimbus) and @CatGodessAthena
From 4pm to 8pm use hashtag: #NipClub, then at
8pm use #NipClubShower for ladies or use
#NipClubStag for the guys. at 9:30 everyone
should go back to #NipClub!! 

Me, @Mulder_Cat & @MarioDaCat started early MOL


Anonymous said...

Cant wait!!! OMC

Honeybell said...

What a great night this will be! Great work and thanks to the planners and hostess/hosts! What goes on in stag pawty - stays there! whew! PARTY PARTY PARTY!

Anonymous said...

its party time HB, no sponsors tomm. hahaha

Anonymous said...

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