September 19, 2011

#NipClub Celebrates the Engagement of Cookie & Athena Sept. 22, 2011

Love is in the air this week at #NipClub!! We are flying you to France
for the Engagement Pawty of @CatGodessAthena and @SadLovelyHeart's Cookie!  Pure elegance and luxury await you!!! Dress in your finest
formal attire, or come in your natural fur!! 

The site of the pawty: Chateau de Versailles

 As #NipClub Visits Versailles this week  tour guide @NikePurrfectCat will show you the beauty of the city
while Hostess @HollieCatRocks and our crew of great
barktenders and DJ's make sure you enjoy the
grand reception and dance. 

Remember to RSVP for the Wedding Oct. 22 of Cookie and Athena

Dancing and Gift Opening in the lovey Versailles Hall of Mirrors

Play and Bask in the lovely Versailles City Gardens

Happy Engagement Pictures, Images and Photos

Free Shuttle to and from the Reception in France and the
hotel in Italy provided by @TinyPearlCat in our new
#NipClub passenger helicopter. 

Lodging courtesy of Hotel Versailles Roma 

Free round trip air to France courtesy of Captain @TinyPearlCat and
#NipClubAir book your flight now!! 


Prudence said...

Concatulations to Cookie & Athena, barooo! Can hardlyy wait to get to Paris *looking for something special to wear*!

Cathy Keisha said...

Concats to the couple. Cannolis are Italian pastry. We love 'em. I'll take an eclair. Yummy.