January 1, 2012

TV/Movie MONSTER Pawty at #NipClub Jan 5, 2012

At our Big New Years Pawty, we held a drawing to see who would pick our first theme for 2012! Our great pal and new Staffpurrson  @RealFakeGator won and choose a Movie/TV Monster theme!!

@RealFakeGator-Dogzilla is about to EAT #NipClub Headquarters...
I hope some monster fighting heroes show up too!


What will you come dressed as? A monster like Dracula? Freddy Krueger? Or perhaps a monster fighter
like the guys from Ghostbusters or other Monster movies/shows.  Of course, as always, you are welcome
to attend in your own fur and just play with the monsters!!! Either way, fun will be had by all!

Oh my! We have an Incubus & a Succubus in attendance...none other
than @ChazzTheDog & @PepperPom!! It's getting hot in here! :D

Maybe #NipClub Ghostbusters @WinstonTabby @KingTuttiFruiti
and @AutumnTheDoxie can protect us from Monsters!!

@MattieDog was a TEEN WOLF!!


#NipClub Munsters: @Flicka47 @Kittehboi @KConlon1's
Squeaker, @HollieCatRocks and @TiggyBean

Monster Caprese Salad
Monster Pepperoni Taco
Cookie Monster Cupcakes
Monster Burger
Monster Fingers with Dip (Canoli with Cherry Chocolate Dip)
Cream Cheese and Pickle Gator Sandwich
Monster Melon Berry Treat
Devils Eyeball Eggs
STEAK!! OK, it's not a Monster...but it's MONSTER size!!!
Dracula Daquiri (dont worry it's Cranberry juice,Mailbu & Nip)

Brain Hemorrhage (Scotch & Bailey's)

Monster MeowMosa

Spooky White Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Monster NipTini
@MarioDaCat and @TinyPearlCat welcome you to #NipClub


M Dawson said...

Oh my! These look spectacular pictures. Well Done

Mariodacat said...

ooo, fun, and scary night.

AdoptedMomToChazz said...

I no really likey monsters all dat much. But i comin to nipclub pawty tonite!

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