June 15, 2013

#NipClub on Wisconsin Farms for June Dairy Month! June 20, 2013

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the animals at PAWS-Connecticut. Every penny helps! Thanks!

@flacatlady and @thenascarkitty are ready to welcome you
to America's Dairyland

@RealFakeGator gets some fresh milk...not for you....he always
drinks it himself before it gets into the fridge. MOL
Milk, Cheese, Ice Cream, Butter, who doesn't love the great wholesome taste of real Dairy? 
Well, This week at #NipClub we are going to whisk you away to lovely Wisconsin! America's Dairyland, and the home of great pals @RealFakeGator, @MarioDaCat, @HankTheDoggy @4Catstrapski, and ME! (@TheNascarKitty) and a lot of other pals!! 

 photo Wisconsin-LMG2_zps657c98b7.gif

While we're all used to seeing farms dotting the landscape everywhere we go, we know many of you are far away from the nearest farm, so let us show off some of the pride of Wisconsin & OF COURSE....we will make sure there is more than enough treats for you to enjoy the TASTE of WISCONSIN!

Wisconsin is covered with dairy farms. Large and small. And millions of cows,
mostly holsteins like the picture above. Fat, happy & making lots of milk.

So, are those cows really happy like they show on the TV commercials? YES! They are among the best cared for, best fed, most comfortable animals out there. Watch this video of a farm not too far from @RealFakeGator for more info:

What about those huge farms? Can they take care of the cows adequately? 
YES!! In Wisconsin our cows are our state ambassadors. No matter how many you have, they are family and they are your livelihood on the farm. If they are comfortable, healthy, and happy, they give more milk and better milk. Watch this video about a farm with 4000 cows just 8 miles from @TheNascarKitty & his family:

So, this week, #NipClub honors Dairy Farmers (worldwide). Performing backbreaking work to bring us foods we just can't live without. What will you be for the pawty? Would you like to be a Cow? A tractor drivers? Farmer? Maybe a cheesemaker? Maybe an ice cream server? Whatever you decide, @RealFakeGator and his staff at #NipClub Outfitters will be glad to help you. Just ask!

Join us as #Nipclub spends June Dairy month on the farm

The #nipclub entertainment crew wants to be sure that all
the farm animals get attention.
Why not let them introduce you to the other critters?

Nothing is cuter than a new born calf!!
This is the Cheese Plant where the human of @TheNascarKitty
Works. They make KRAFT-Philadelphia Cream Cheese
with milk from local farms around Beaver Dam, Wisconsin since
the very early 1900s. Cream Chees is just one of the hundreds
of great varieties of cheese made in Wisconsin!!

 photo Dancing_zpsf0b9c91a.gif

City boy @GiambiBoyPup is used to tipping the waiter,
so doesn't understand that tipping the cow is a faux pas

@TinyPearlCat harvesting Nip for our pawty.
Before he tosses back a few niptinis,
@kittehboi tosses some bales of nip.

Cows are so important to Wisconsin that their
most popular microbrew beer is called Spotted Cow
Ask your barktender for one today!

Remember, that's Spotted COW
do not accept cheap imitaions
(even if they are cute)

 photo dancing-cow_zpsca0d1e93.gif
Cheesehead @MarioDaCat is out getting some fresh milk to use
to make special Nip Ice Cream for us to serve!!! Thanks Mario.

Meow Girls




Can you find @MarioDaCat & @KingTuttiFruiti in this picture?
They blend in pretty well...MOL

@TheNascarKitty out on the tractor checking the pastures.

We trended over the NBA finals

 photo gotmilk_zps1c1c332b.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the tip jar to help the animals at PAWS-Connecticut. Every penny helps! Thanks!
For Direct Donation Link for SmartPhones CLICK HERE.
To Donate directly on the charity's site CLICK HERE.
Please let them know it is a #Nipclub related donation so we can add that to our final total.
To read more about PAWS-Connecticut. CLICK HERE

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Mariodacat said...

Woohoo - Can't wait boss. Nothing like Wisconsin Dairy Products. See you on the farm pals!

GizmoGeodog said...

Woot! Momz lived in Madison and Middleton Wisconsin B.G. (before Gizmo) and she and her dog Bruno used to hang out at the Capital Brewery beer garden on football Saturdays and party with all the Badger fans! It's gonna be fun!