April 26, 2014

Photos from #Nipclub Paris Thrusday

Just a few great pals that went with us to Paris on Thursday night!

Thank you all very much for being there!
Huge enormous thank you to all the hard workers and attendees that helped Borriskitty raise money for his chairy this month with #Scifipawty


Kjelle Bus said...

Oh nooz !
I missed the trip to Paris :(
Of course it´s my totaly hopeless mom-persons fault that just work and work *sigh´s*

Mariodacat said...

It was great fun. Thanks for posting the blog.

Katie Isabella said...

It was fun. I loved being there in my fancy chapeau!

Adoptedmomtochazzthedog said...

8I had such a gweat time at Paris Nipclub Party. Thanks mostly to my frenchy fry avi created by @RealFakeGator!! Fanx pals.