August 11, 2015

BACONfest at #NipClub July 13th, 2015

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BACON!!! It's a favorite of our #NipClub patrons. And who can blame them. It gives a smokey goodness to nearly everything and turns those frowns upside down.

So this week we've asked our #NipClub Chefs and Barktenders to "crank up the bacon" and we'll have a blast stuffing our faces while enjoying the normal #NipClub Pawtying we've come to enjoy!

So come early and stay late. We wont run out of bacon, BUT you don't want to miss any of the concoctions our talented staff comes up with. AND you're welcome to put on an apron and pop into our kitchen to share your own bacon favorites with your pals. 

If you need a special costume, perhaps a "bacon costume"(warning you may get nommed), or a bacon chef, a special bacon t-shirt or a bib....let our talented friend at #NipClub Outfitters know by contacting @RealFakeGator ASAP. 

bacon hot photo 492.gif

Barktenders @tiggybean, @dylcat1, @WinstonTabby
are dressed in their new bacon suits

@MadLabM is majoring in bacon

bacon photo: Bacon beer baconbeergif.gif

Maple Bacon Long Johns!

 BAcon photo slide_297900_2459978_free_zps6tnxomnv.gif
Bacon Cream Puff
Bacon Wrapped Scotch Eggs
Bacon Apple Pie
Who would "chicken fry" bacon? WE would. Our
#NipClub Chicken Fried Bacon Sandwich with
Concord Grape Jam dip is sure to please!! 
Mac and Cheese Bacon Quesadilla 
Bacon Cheese Burger #NipClub Style! 
Just Bacon. And lots of it. 
 photo baaacon spin_zpsnzai7jzm.gif

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