July 10, 2016

#NipClub presents An Evening of Love and Friendship July 14th, 2016

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at German Shepherd Dog Rescue Of Georgia.Every penny helps! Thanks!

These past few weeks have had a lot of tumult, fear, discomfort,sadness and pain. I've made the executive decision that this week at #NIPCLUB we will just take a moment and go back to simpler times for a nite.
@TheNascarKitty #NipClub Manager.

On July 14th we'll have a night of friendship, love, comfort and enjoyment as we go back in time to a time when music was happy and life was easier. While we'll still have the best food and drink in the world, we'll ask our talented DJs to play soothing music from days past. 70s soft rock, 60s love songs and fun rock, 50s party music....whatever they find soothing and fun. 

Cat Hugs Teddy Bear photo 1291476024_cat-hugs-teddy-bear.gif

No special costumes are required, although if you want to dress to impress you are more than welcome.  Our kitchen is fully stocked, so order whatever comfort food you want, of course our bar is ALWAYS fully stocked. 

If you feel like dancing, dance. If you feel like crying, cry...and you know your anipal friends will comfort you. If you feel like praying, pray, start a pawcircle, reflect on friendships past and current.

Just be there for each other in these tough times. A night away from the real world worries, a night of friendship and love. 

cat and dog love photo dogandcatfriends.gif
Enjoy some great music on the videos below, and come back Thursday for more like it. 

Comfort Drinks and Noms
Comfort Booze

Bacon Drink

Latte's with any art you wish for

Mac n Cheese




Waffle ice cream sundae

Smore pizza

Friendship photo friend017.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at German Shepherd Dog Rescue Of Georgia 
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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