July 25, 2021

Our Annual SHARK WEEK at #NipClub July 29,2021

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SHARKNADO #NipClub Celebrates "Shark Week" July 29th, 2021

Humans all seem to get excited when Animal Planet has it's annual SHARK WEEK. But at #NipClub? Well, to us brave cats, dogs, ducks,etc a shark is just another animal to either play with or eat....

Your #NipClub manager has decided to try being a shark this week.

shark photo 2ro2m4xshark.gif
So this Thursday July 29, 2021 we're having "Shark Week at #NipClub". Some of us will undoubtedly be "riding" sharks, others will be fishing for them and eating them. And of course, some of us *shudder* for.example, @DoggyMolly who's done it several times) and @Kittehboi will probably bring one into the club to play with, taunt, use as a method of mayhem

We And with the weird weather we've had lately, hopefully we don't have a Sharknado of our own.....again......

A few years back @DoggyMolly taught her new pet shark to
"fetch" and rewardes it with whiskey. A drunken shark.....oh oh….
@kittehboi is prepared to do what`s necessary to protect #Nipclub partiers

Meanwhile, #Nipclub's new Sharktenders practice their skills before the bar opens.

No matter what, we'll have fun. So whether you wish to EAT a shark, PLAY with a shark, BE a shark, or just watch everyone else mess with sharks while wearing your own natural fur,skin or feathers, #NipClub this week is NOT to be missed!

So if you have a special Shark Week costume in mind and need help, don't hesitate to contact @kittehboi for all your shark wear needs.
Shark fin photo shrkfn.gif
Sharknado Australia with @LizzieButtrose

Sharknado Houston with @NancyCakeFace

Sharknado Wisconsin with @RealFakeGator

@3phibotticelli's take on the Western rodeo - shark riding

@mariodacat has a close encounter of the shark kind

@PankythePanfur's Shark float

Sharknado selfie

Bucky Badger (wisconsin`s college mascot)

Drinks and Nomms
shark photo ---3.gif

Image result for shark steak
Grilled Shark Steak with Summer Squash


Ice cream

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Tabby' Place
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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