January 15, 2011

80's Rock Pawty!!! Jan. 20th, 2011

#NipClub brings back the 80's!!!!
The @Meow_Girls really know how the PURRculate the guys on the dancefloor!!

@BadAndy_KityKat was a pretty big star in the 80's!!!

@HollieCatRocks, @SeattleP & @DCKitty in their big hair days
Thats right, the A-Team was originally Orange Chaos team
@RudyCKat, @Mulder_Cat, @PetieTheCat & @TheNascarKitty

@MarioTheCat was a rock star!!!

Get your hairspray and find those leg warmers it's 80's Rock Pawty week at #NipClub!!!! Who doesn't love all that 80's New Wave, Hair Metal, Syth Rock, and all out Pawty Music?  Start thinking of your costume and check back here ofter, I'll keep updating with pictures and fun info and facts!!!

TheNascarKitty-Club Manager

Great Music

More Great Music
Beautiful Girls like @CathyKeisha!!

Great Movies
What Can I Say? I love Motley Crue!!!
"Unique" Fashion

Some 80's facts


Mariodacat said...

woohoo - sounds like a great time. Guess I'd better see what's in the closet.

HollieCatRocks said...

OMC! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cant wait, will be there for sure!! yay! xo

Honeybell said...

80's Rock pawty will surely rock!

Cathy Keisha said...

Dear Furrends and Fellow Nip Club employees: I am wracked by guilt and shame over my failure to purrform my duties Thursday night. I/we have NEVER turned our backs on responsibility, no matter what the obstacle. We've always stood up and been accountable. That was not the case on Thursday. TW has been going through a dark period in her life both physically and emotionally and one small thing—Grooveshark eating my playlist that we'd worked the entire day on—pushed her over the edge. Grooveshark eats my playlists all the time and we just laugh it off. This time we couldn't. We're will to take the consequences for our action. I'll understand if I lose my job or if you deep-six the pawty. Just please accept my apologies.

#NipClub said...

My sweet Cathy Keisha, dont you worry your heart or mind about it one moment more. We all get frustrated. At the point of the worst of your frustration it's human nature to decide if "fight" or "flight" is more healthy for you. Neither choice is wrong.

You are one of our most valued employees, that 8pm shift is yours permanently my dear (except this week where the Shibbering Cheetos will be playing for YOU!!)

I do so appreciate that you care enough to apologize. But we are her FOR you sweetie. True friends arent bother by matters like this. We Love you because you are so passionate & emotional. Your dark funny wit makes you unique and fun.

Not only can't I wait to hold your pawty, but I am proclaiming the whole week @CathyKeishaAppreciationWeek!!!!!

xoxox, We love you my dear,
Tiger Tommy, your friend.

Mariodacat said...

Cathy - don't you even dream of not coming back. You are a big part of the successful #nipclub, and we all know how very dependable you are and always on time and ready. This stuff happens to the best of us - that's technology for you. It's great when it works, but terrible when it doesn't. We all love you and want you back girl- this Thursday.