January 9, 2011

Jan 13, 2011, Special Sci-Fi Pawty for @Mulder__Cat!!!!!

 This Thursday make sure you come to #NipClub and honor our great pal @Mulder_Cat with an X-Files/Sci-Fi Pawty. Maybe he'll even team up with you to solve one of the great mysterious of the universe with you. Of course you are welcome to come in your own fur, but we'd love you to surprise us and dress up for the occasion!!!!

This Thursday Enjoy a new

@Mulder_Cat's Blue Moon MeowGarita Mulder's Signature Drink designed by @TinyPearlCat  with input from  @KatieBooCat, @Flicka47, @ShaynaCat, @LadyGreyFox  and named by @MarioDaCat
neon store sign
Neon Blue Curacao, Bright Orange Cointreau, Everclear and NIP, served in an Erlenmeyer Flask with a spaceship straw. You WILL see aliens after one of these.

Devastatingly Dapper Mulder_Cat
Our dear, strong, lovely, sarcastic, fearless wonderful friend @Mulder_Cat has left Earth for Rainbow Bridge. He's finally moved into that wild X-Files world of alternate universes & extra-terrestrial beings. 

After a long day of Tweeting, Mulder passes out on the job. 
This Thursday at #NipClub we will honor him with a Sci-Fi pawty that's out of this universe. Start thinking of what costumes you may want to wear, and any deep mysterious  questions you want Mulder to help you answer. 

But mostly just come have fun and honor a great anipal who has made us smile and laugh for so long, and who's bravery we just cant even begin to grasp the enormity of. 

Thursday, Jan. 13, 2011, from 4pm to Midnight EST we will rock the galaxy for @Mulder_Cat, @Scully_Cat and @Staffpurrson.  Please join us.

StaffPurrson said I  should spend some time with a good book.

Mulder_Cat loves his Meow-garitas, but he'll make due if he has too. 

"That was some gggoooodddd nip!!!!"

Mulder_Cat spends some quality time with his sisfur @Scully_Cat
Please join us Thursday Jan 13, and let @Mulder_Cat, @Scully_Cat & @StaffPurrson know how much we love and support them.

Thanks, @TheNascarKitty #NipClub Manager
Mulder cat

Please make your check out to Kings Highway Cat Rescue, mark it "Website

Donation" and mail it to:

Kings Highway Cat Rescue, c/o Avery + Avery, 5005 Avenue M, Brooklyn NY 11234

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Boris Kitty said...

LUB dat Mulder.

#NipClub said...

It's gonna be a great night. Mulder_Cat has the witty tongue that just makes him so fun to know.

Shayna said...

Wonderful pics that really express the purrsonality of @Mulder_Cat! Looking forwward very much to Thursday - hope @Mulder_Cat, @Scully_Cat & @StaffPurrson will enjoy it :-)

Cathy Keisha said...

Frankly I would've called drink Luna Tuna-tini since that was his fave food.

#NipClub said...

There will be a big surprise involving Luna Tuna debuting with the drink. Thanks to CathyKeisha for the idea.

Mariodacat said...

he he - this pawty is going to be a blast. That was a fantastic tribute to Mulder. Our very witty pal who always made us laugh. I'm so glad he's still tweeting from OTRB, cuz life would be pretty dull without him!

MeisRoxyThePug said...

This pawty sounds so much fun! I cant wait! I glad we having a pawty at #nipclub in honor of sweet @Mulder_Cat

Honeybell said...

May I pre-order one of those Neon Blue Curacao, Bright Orange Cointreau, Everclear and NIP, served in an Erlenmeyer Flask with a spaceship straw please? I would like to see aliens. So nice to have a tribute to @Mulder_Cat #orangepower purrs