January 6, 2011

#NipClub Coffee House Evening Jan. 6, 2011

New NipClub Coffee Shop Lounge
It's been quite a Holiday season, we've pawty'd hard, had weddings, and sadly, lost several close friends. It's been a season of ups, downs, and great things and tragic things, but one thing has held true throughout.

The friendships forged by Anipals on Twitter. A remakable relationship of love and caring and compassion, among those, who in most cases have never even physically met.

We thought it would be nice to spend a low key evening just enjoying each other's company. In a fun coffee house setting.

Will there be Nip? Sure, more than you can imagine, Noms and Drinks just like usual. It'll just be a quieter atmosphere with blues and jazz being spun by our capable DJ crew. Our barktenders will mix your favorite drinks but also, will do double duty as coffee-shop baristas.

Freshly made. 24/7 our coffee shop is always open for you to gather.
Of course, what coffee shop would be complete without incredible pastries and goodies? So we've added a bakery too. 

So for tonight, let's just have a fun laid back entry into 2011, to catch our breath from all the hub-bub of the last month or so.  Grab a couch, listen to the tunes, chat with pals, maybe share some poetry or art that you're proud of, tell a story or two. 

Reflect on all the great things that happened last year, and say a toast to all of our lost pals. Then grab a deep breath, and get ready, because after this week...NipClub will be cookin' hotter than ever before!!!

@Mulder_Cat. Fearless, Fun, Totally Pawsome!!!
Quick Note: 
As we were planning this, our great friend, the funny, sassy, witty, and fearless @Mulder_Cat passed to #RainbowBridge. It's hard to imagine the bravery and fight that were in little Mulder, and how dedicated his @StaffPurrson and @Scully_Cat  are to him. Mulder will continue to be a naughty-sassy fun Anipal from #RainbowBridge, and we would love to honor his life. So Jan 13th, 2011 a special #NipClub blast for @Mulder_Cat. The theme will be a mix of x-files, Sci-fi, and crazy fearless daredevil like Mulder,  so start planning. Our DJ's have already began to come up with set lists for Mulder, and his charity link is up live in the side bar of this blog. 
@Mulder_Cat dreaming up adventures.

Thanks for being great customers!! We love you. 

@TheNascarKitty Club Manager. 

ps: The new Coffee Lounge will be a permanant addition to NipClub. Use it during our Thursday blasts to catch your breath, or mingle, use it 24/7/365 to meet with friends and enjoy commeraderie and fun. 


MeisRoxyThePug said...

R.I.P Sweet @Mulder_Cat, even though I never really talked to you much, I can't wait for your special #nipclub.

Mariodacat said...

That is a great pictue of Mulder. Can't wait until we honor dat dear friend next week.