January 29, 2011

Super Bowl Pre-Pawty Sports Night at NipClub!!!

Love him or Hate him ( I love him) he's as good as they come!!

The big game is this week. The Super Bowl...The NipClub of Sports MOL. Well, let's have some fun. This week come as your favorite sports hero, a sports fan, or just as yourself!!  Either way, we'll have a fun night of pawtying.!!!!

@MarioDaCat & @TheNascarKitty at the Frozen Tundra!! Lambaeu Field

A Big Thanks For Last Week and the last several months!!!

Hey Anipals, we had one of our biggest nights ever for @CathyKeisha's 5th Gotcha Day Pawty!!

@CathyKeisha's Pawty was one of the biggest of all time!!

Thanks for coming and makinjg this such a great pawty. Huge thanks to @TinyPearlCat for all the work on that great catering menu!! Thanks to @MarioDaCat & @MaggieTKat for all the PR work, and thanks to @TheShibberingC's for putting on the great concert!!
@TinyPearlCat arriving for work at #NipClub in the car we bought her for all her hard work.
YEP! it does have a Hemi!!!
We also bought MarioDaCat a car for all his hard work in PR, Barktending & Customer Relations.
It's got a 454 with a supercharger. That's one fast cat!!!

It was great to see our founder and club owner @KingTuttiFruiti....although he did disappear into the office for a long time with a quite a large group of ladies....MOL.

@KingTuttiFruiti's "Office".....where's the desk?.........

All of our hard working anipals on staff do such a great job for us every week Barktending, DJ'ing and just keeping guests happy.

We are working on having shirts, hats, and other items available so you can show your #NipClub love all week long, and we have several items of neat jewelry from @LadyGreyFox, Magnets can be made by @No_Crybaby_Dogs also.

Our biggest goal this year is to expand the popularity of the Early #NipClub Happy Hours. From 4 to 7 pm EST @UsThreeCoons, @ShaynaCat, @MeisRoxyThePug & @Dogstoyevsky work hard to provide fun for you. We'd like to get a lot more patrons during this period, AND we are hiring barktenders to help out during this shift as well.

We also are very happy with how our catering service has been going. We've had several weddings, CK's gotcha pawty, and we've booked a Satuday birthday pawty for @LadyGreyFox's kitteh brofur in March.

All in all, we are very proud of how #NipClub is going, and the charity we've been able to provide to animals in need. Remember, we want you to come pawty, and if you cant afford to give a little to our charity, that's OK, having a full house attracts more anipals and the donations will come. Please dont put yourself out financially. Just help if you can.

ALSO, we have a lot of themes, but you are ALWAYS welcome to come in your own fur if you dont want to dress up, or cant. ALSO, if you need help dressing up, please contact myself or anyone on staff and we'll do our best to make you a costume.

Thanks, and we cant wait to see you again at #NipClub

Tiger Tommy,
Club Manager
Yeah, I got myself a little "toy" too..but any of my employees will tell ya that  the true
rewards are in the friendship & charity we find at #NipClub

OK, maybe I got a couple toys for myself, but a career at #NipClub is so rewarding..if you'd like to start a
rewarding career at NipClub we are currently hiring Happy Hour BArktenders. (4 to 7pm EST Thursdays)
Contact @TheNascarKitty or @UsThreeCoons


Mariodacat said...

WOW - that's some playroom dat Kingtuttufruiti has!!

Cathy Keisha said...

It was a great pawty but, unfortunately, didn't raise any $$ for A Call 4 Paws, which was the reason I had it. I know you guys were saving up for Dudefest but please find it in your hearts to ChipIn for the kitties. Thanks.

MeisRoxyThePug said...

I remember #SpookyPawty got a lot of donations when a few of us started dancing and getting the attention of other anipals. Maybe we should try that agian?