#Nipclub Anniversary Souvenir Shirts

@ and his team of outfitters at #Nipclub Monthly are happy to be able to offer a selection of souvenir #Nipclub T-Shirts avatars for the discerning pawtygoer for the #Nipclub 2nd Anniversary Pawty May 12-13, 2012.
Just ask @  and he’ll see that you get a souvenir shirt avatar that you can wear  to the pawty and beyond. Put in your order as soon as you can.

Ladies Shirts

SPECIAL 2nd Anniversary Shirt for Ladies
Female Dated 2nd Anniversary #Nipclub
Dated 2nd Anniversary #Nipclub for Gals

Female I <3 #Nipclub in Hot Pink (shown), Black, Green, Purple, and Lt Pink

Female #Nipclub Woomeow! in Violet (shown) and Black

Men’s Shirts

SPECIAL 2nd Anniversary Shirts for Guys
Dated 2nd Anniversary #Nipclub for Men
Dated 2nd Anniversary #Nipclub for Men

Male I <3 #Nipclub in Purple (shown), Black, Blue, or Green

Male #Nipclub Woomeow! in Black (shown) or Blue
If you already have an I <3 #Nipclub or #Nipclub Woomeow! shirt avatar, we can re-ship it to you, or you can get a different one.
Real live cloth #Nipclub shirts designed by @ are available at the#Nipclub Zazzle Store. You can also customize them and add your photo usingPearl’s instructions.
And don’t forget to enter to win the Kindle Fire donated by @ for the Anniversary bash grand prize. Insanely easy to enter. Go now to enter! QOL
~~ @, #NipClub Monthly Manager and Duck of All Trades

Graphics Credits: Special 2nd Anniversary #Nipclub shirt avatars sewed by @ from designs by @Georgetheduck and @TinyPealCat

Coming soon!

#Nipclub on Thursday nights WILL CONTINUE as usual. This is an additional #Nipclub service.
#Nipclub Monthly is coming soon as a monthly Twitter pawty for Anipals to benefit animal charities. It was inspired by the Original #Pawpawty. Anipals that have also been fans of the weekly #Nipclub on Thursdays were sad to see that #Pawpawty was suspended. So we decided to have a #Nipclub Monthly pawty.
#Nipclub Monthly will be held regularly to benefit animal charities around the world. Only US 501(c)3 charities, or the legal equivalent are eligible to be #Nipclub Monthly charities and will be the same charities as #Nipclub.
If you’d like to help out, contact us! We’re thrilled for you to lend a paw or wing or whatever it is you have.
Please be patient with us while we get our act together initially. We’re waddling as fast as we can.