January 18, 2013

#NipClub Speakeasy Night Jan. 24th 2013

Please drop $1 or more for the pups of The Rescued Rescuers: Dachshunds and Friends of the Emerald Coast if you can.

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#NipClub Speakeasy Manager @TheNascarKitty & bar girls
@AutumnTheDoxie & @TinyPearlCat invite you in...if you have
the secret pass and swear you aren't a lawman!!!
This week #NipClub is taking you back to the past...to a time that's fun to remember...but you wouldn't want to actually be there.....

PROHIBITION: a time when you couldn't simply go have a drink with pals, or purchase a bottle of booze to take home....establishments called SPEAKEASY's popped up all over America.

At the SPEAKEASY, if you knew the secret code word, you could enter a world of fun, intrigue, secrecy...almost a "brotherhood" of partiers. Of course, because breaking laws was involved, "gangsters" where usually behind the Speakeasy Clubs, because they weren't afraid to make a few $$$ catering to the "illegal" tastes of their clientele!

@kingtuttifruitti waits to hear the code word for entry
but don't say it loud!

HINT: The password is what @3phibotticelli likes to do with pals..... (OK, it's "HUG")

So as not to arouse suspicion,
@Spanielopolois arrives in a nondescript car

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The 1920's & Early 1930's in America will always be remembered as an era of civil disobedience....caused by that nasty idea called PROHIBITION!! 

Imagine a world where #NipClub would be illegal because of the very beverages that we all enjoy!! No Niptinis, No Meowmosas, No Meowgaritas, NO BACON BEER!!.....well at least not legally! 

#nipclub patrons protest prohibition
back row: @tiggybean @snoopdoggdoxie
front row: @squeakyelvis (squeaky & elvis) @germanshorthair (banjo)

PROHIBITION made it illegal to manufacture, possess or consume alcoholic beverages!! So naturally, this led to an era of terrific illegal party establishments (Speakeasy Clubs), each trying to outdo each other to grab customers!! It ushered in bathtub gin, hot jazz music & gun toting gangsters!! 
Belly up to the bathtub because
#Nipclub home brew is chilled and ready to go
If you need a cool outfit please let @RealFakeGator know! Gangsters, gun Molls, Flappers, society folk, revenuer, prohibitionist, if you can dream it, #NipClub Outfitters can make it!!! 
Party girls @SweetPeaBeardie @Bea_bells @Shaynacat party like it's 1929!

That's right PROHIBITION and Speakeasy Clubs, were a huge part in the rise of Hot Jazz music in the 1920's..here's a video of Jazz greats Gene Krupa and Louis Armstrong playing in a Speakeasy!! 

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Even before there was prohibition, there was a huge campaign to outlaw "Devil Alcohol" led by a crazy spinster named CARRIE NATION, who went on a state by state terror trail, smashing up bars and liquor stores with her now famous hatchet. Let's hope she doesn't show up at #NipClub this week and smash up our bar!!
Carrie Nation with her Bible and Hatchet. I understand
why she was grumpy...would YOU buy her a drink?
@3phibotticelli is Carrie Nation

Let the festivities begin!

Mission accomplished

@thenascarkitty @kingtuttifruitti @dogstoyevsky survey the damage
as @TinyPearlCat wonders if it's safe to comeout of hiding

Nomms and Drinks

About food in the 1920's HERE

 salty ham


Welsh Rarebit



Gin hidden as jam

Chinese food

Fruit cocktail

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Mariodacat said...

YAY - M said she's going to love this one. She's already playing the video in your bloggy and dancing in her chair. Geeesh, when humans get excited, they really get excited.

Mr. Breeze said...

Purrr da lady say deyz still prohibition and it calls perfectly nice people into criminals.

NTM and The Purries said...

Very cool site - just found it through the #nipclub on Twitter. You all do awesome work!