July 25, 2014

#NipClub Fishing Trip July 31st, 2014

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the animals at Milo's Sanctuary & Special needs Cat Rescue. Every penny helps! Thanks!

Who`s got the best Fish Tale at #Nipclub?
 photo tlargemouth_bass_blowing_bubbles_md_zps6b9bf2f4.gif

FISH! Cats, Dogs, Ducks,Ferrets, and humans love to catch 'em and Eat 'em. So this week we're opening our #NipClub Fishing Lodge where we'll catch some fish, grill them up right on the spot, and later we'll pawty the night away. If you would rather just play in the woods and splash in the water instead of fishing, we will have a great fish fry menu ready for you too! 

Captain @TinyPearlCat will take pals out fishing on her
Cadillac AmphiCar. Fast on Land, Smooth on water.

@TheNascarKitty  will take you out fishing in his new BassBoat
OR just give you a really fast ride around the lake. 

Our Barktenders will cook up your fresh catch for you right away so
you can eat it, and then get right back on the water to fish some more.
@MarioDaCat & @KConlon1 (Squeaker) are bass masters.

As usual, #Nipclub hosts are ready to help you at fishing camp


Would you like a cool fishing hat and/or outfit? Maybe your own bass boat? Whatever you would like our pals at #NipClub Outfitters can set you up. Contact @RealFakeGator so he can get his crew working on your request. Of course, you own natural fur is always welcome at #Nipclub. 

@Bea_Bells and @GeorgeTheDuck  may need help eating
the giant catfish they caught. .

 @WinstonTabby actually gets ALL the way through the song
      ``100 bottles of beer on the boat``

Wisconsin Style Beer Battered Perch with Fries & Coleslaw

Grilled Trout with Corn Salsa
Catfish dinner
Door County Wisconsin Style Fish Boil (cooking above, entree below)

Fish Boil Dinner!!

For dessert, a self-serve all you can eat Gelato Bar!! 
PLUS your barktenders will be glad to make your favorite beverages at our full service bar, and our DJ's will play music all day for your listening and dancing pleasure. It's going to be a great day! 

 photo Fish_uploaded_by_Ashley_zps6fcb5dea.gif

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Milo's Sanctuary & Special needs Cat Rescue. Every penny helps! Thanks!
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