August 3, 2014

#NipClub 2nd Annual Folk Music & Bluegrass Festival CampOut August 7th, 2014

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Our hardworking management, graphic and service staff is so busy planning for this weekends big #NipClub Monthly pawty, that we've decided to just take a night out of the office, go to the woods, camp and listen to some great folk music, bluegrass music, acoustic rock and country, while relaxing in the great outdoors. 

Come dressed in your favorite casual outfit or outdoor gear, or just come in your own natural fur, which is always welcome at #NipClub. #NipClub Outfitters is undergoing renovations and is closed for the week, but if you really need a special outfit made you can contact #NipClub Managers @TinyPearlCat and @TheNascarKitty for help. 

But most importantly, just come, eat, dance, sing, camp, and relax before our big weekend! 

Folk Music comes in many styles and genres, folk rock, bluegrass and country folk, ethnic folk music, celtic music, acoustic rock and country,  and so many more!! . So this week, #NipClub is going to have an outdoor Folk Music Festival, and let our talented DJ's have a blast showing you all the different types of acoustic music they love. 

Vintage Poster from the 1st Annual, now legendary festival.
We've decided to make it an annual event. 

And since we're a nice wooded country site, I'm sure campfires, camping, and all kinds of shennanigans will ensue....I bet even a moonshine still or two will pop up.....

Whether it's to play the music,
dance to the music or just sit back and listen,
#Nipclub staff and friends are ready join in

@kittehboi, @bunnyjeancook & @dogstoyevsky
start things off

@spike_cat @frankietheig @cathykeisha @kconlon1
anxiously wait their turn to play

@pepperpom @duchesscrabtree @tildatoo @meisroxythepug
can't deny their happy feet any longer

@PuppyNumber7 @AngelKeely @ourWinniePup
and @PixelDoggy @OtisDoggy
take a more relaxed approach to listening to music

@KatieBella has brought the camping supplies

 photo ATT29591_zps2324b679.gif

While we camp out at the Folk music festival you can enjoy noms and drinks

camping gif photo: campfire giflwpfirecoffee.gif

 @TheNascarkitty is making Moonshine

@SeattleP is helping make a soup for all

Fresh Grilled Meats, Pork, Beef, Chicken, made to order
Campfire Dinner with carrots, corn on the cob, potatoes & steak
Pan Fried Fish

Fresh Cut Curly Fries made while you wait. 


Bacon for....

@Kittehboi Bacon Smores

Salmon smores

Cherry smores

 photo CATBANJO_zpsc0e1ee7e.gif
Thank you to everyone that attended, voleteered and dontated to Milo's the past 2 months.
Deeply appreciated and helpful.

To read some success stories click on photo show
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