September 30, 2015

Mingle and Relax CHEERS Night at #Nipclub

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at Paws in Prison Every penny helps! Thanks!

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#NipClub is famous for over the top fun theme pawties, and huge events. And we're proud of that. But Sometimes, you just want to have a fun evening with pals, in a place where everybody knows your name, and they're always glad you came. So several times a year we move our pawty to our specially recreated CHEERS Bar.

It's a simple neighborhood bar, where the bartenders serve up drinks, lend a sympathetic ear, and your friends just love to sit around and share what's up in their hectic lives with you.

Our DJs will spin the best music, our short order cooks will serve up simple yet delicious comfort bar food, and the beer is always cold.

Enjoy this great night, as we give our graphics team and #NipClub Outfitters staff a much deserved week off. Just come as you are, and have a great night.

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Giant Burgers
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Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Paws in Prison
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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