September 7, 2015

PIRATE Recruiting Day at #NipClub Sept. 10th, 2015

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Before we get started, enjoy this clip from the BEST pirate movie ever made! YELLOWBEARD!

PIRATES! Sept. 17th, 2010, #NipClub will once again be overrun by them! So this week and during our Sept. 10th pawty, it's time to choose your ships and sign to be on the crew of the captain of your choice. We have 5 ships this year, and the Captains will all be at #NipClub filling them with First Mates, 2nd Mates, Sgts at Arms, Pirate Wenches, and other scalliwags with hearty appetites and bad intentions. 

So sign up with on the ship of your choice, OR if you don't wish to be on a Pirate ship, Captain @WinstonTabby of Three Sheets to the Wind has agreed to set aside a portion of his ship for partiers in general to just watch the shenanigans as they enjoy #NipClub food and drink at the know that @WinstonTabby wont set sail without a fully stocked bar MOL. 

And hopefully this year, @DoggyMolly takes this advice from Captain @Kittehboi: "Remember, ye scurvy dogs, pillage FIRST and then burn!"
Elf Ship Moving photo elfshipmoving.gif

The BlackPaw captained by @OwenTheTonk and 1st mate @Kittehboi

The Golden Shayna captained by @ShaynaCat

The Lady Pearl captained by @TinyPearlCat

Three Sheets To The Wind captained by @WinstonTabby...not
so much a pirate ship, but they will steal your rum...if they dont capsize.
This ship will also have the #NipClub nightclub onboard for those
who don't wish to be pirates and just want to watch!!

So make sure to sign up on a ship by the end of Sept. 10th, 2015  if you wish to be a Pirate, and make sure to let the Captain of your choice know of any special skills you have! Be ready when Pirates take over #NipClub
on Sept. 17, 2015. And good luck to you! 

For translating English to Pirate speak, CLICK HERE

 photo Keefers_Animatedboat-2.gif
Huge thank you to all that helped out, attended and donated for the August charity. You Rock!!

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AdoptedMomToChazz said...

I want to sail wiff Captain Tiny Pearl Cat.