May 31, 2017

#NipClub in a Nutshell. Come Pawty with us June 1, 2017

Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help pets at Rikki's Refuge Animal Sanctuary. Every penny helps! Thanks!

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#NipClub is celebrating it's 7th Anniversary this month. Over 500 pawties, tens of thousands of dollars donated to well vetted animal charities, and many, many happy anipals forming lifelong friendships. At the end of June we'll have a huge anniversary pawty. Right now, we're busy planning for our annual Rennaisance Faire Pawty (Thursdays June 15th and 22nd and a 24 hour pawty on June 17th/18th). 

This week we will be open as usual, as Twitters foremost  Anipal Pawty Bar. Come have a drink, reminisce about the friendships and good times you have here, and make plans for the next 2 big pawties. 

HISTORY: 7 years ago, #NipClub founder @FlaCatLady (Mom of @KingTuttiFruiti) was having a rough day at work, and contacted friends @TheNascarKitty and @AutumnTheDoxie (who had just recently held a "funpawty" to see if the monthly "PawPawty" could be held on a simpler more frequent format) to say she needed a pawty, a simple mid-week release from stress. And #NipClub was born.

Along with @Kittehboi, @GeorgeTheDuck, @MarioDaCat, @BunnyJeanCook, @MaggieTKat, and a handful of others we put together a few pawties, and we grew and grew. It was decided to use our fun times to help support animal charities.

Founder @FlaCatLady handled Head DJ duties, @MarioDaCat became Head Barktender, and Founder @TheNascarKitty started our world famous blog. 

We added the most talented staffs for Barktending, DJing, PR, Quizzes and Prizes, we started "catering" events for other anipals special events, we hosted huge events like Anipal Academy Awards ceremonies, eventually we were asked to take over #PawPawty and #NipClub24Hour was started. 

But the heart and soul of #NipClub was, and remains to this day our weekly Thursday Night Pawty. 

How does it work? Today's #NipClub is run by Founder/Manager @TheNascarKitty along with his Co-Managers: @TinyPearlCat and @RealFakeGator.

They try to have a special theme at least several weeks a month, and spend a lot of time early each week  putting together a blogpost, helping with special graphics and avatars for pals, as well as making managerial decisions.

The finished blog is then passed on to our great PR staff (@Meow-Girls, @WinstsonTabby, and @MarioDaCat) who spread the word to our anipal friends, who, in turn, spread the word even further. 

Our Head Barktender (@GeorgeTheDuck) makes sure we are staffed with Barktenders, and our Head DJ  (position open, see job listing below) makes sure we have entertainment. 

Charities are vetted (they must be NON-Kill shelters, and strictly animal related medical/rescue charities) for authenticity and legality. 

On Thursday the pawty is placed in the capable paws/fins/feathers/hands or our talented DJ/Barktender staff who, along with our loyal customers,  make the magic happen.

Is #NipClub Free? YES!!! Absolutely. Everybody is welcome, even your humans. We remind patrons about our charities, and ask them to "tip" their barktenders and DJ's (100 percent of these tips go directly to our charities, we have NO adminstrative costs)  BUT these tips are totally anonymous. Not even our managers know who donates and who doesn't. If you can afford to donate, great. We appreciate it. If you can't, we want you to come and have the most fun you can. 

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 Drinks and Noms


We have an opening for a new HEAD DJ!!! Duties include: Setting up staff schedule for weekly and 24 hour pawties (@GeorgetheDuck can help you learn how to use our Google Spreadsheet). Helping DJs find replacements for vacations etc. 

If you are interested please DM @TheNascarKitty

We are also ALWAYS interested in new DJs, Barktenders, PR anipals, Sekurity Staff, Quiz/Prizemasters, Graphic Artists. We will help train if necessary. Please DM @TheNascarKitty, @TinyPearlCat or @RealFakeGator if interested and we'll get you in contact with unit managers for those jobs. 

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Please drop any $ you can into the Tip Jar to help the pets at Rikki's Refuge Animal Sanctuary
Every penny helps! Thanks!
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